Chapter 3: Störenfriede German Ork Army

imageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimage imageOk, so some pix!!!!

Firstly…the planes. I still need to build the GW Bommer and also a crashed WW1 Bi-plane.

The first one I built was the scratch build plane. I used an old 1:72 scale plane I had laying around for the wings and tail and  a land speeder shell for the body. The top gun was from a Leman Russ and as you can see I used card and lolly pop sticks too haha. It looks pretty crazy and kinda stoopid but I guess it works for the Orky look! Still needs painting.

Next I bought a Fokker Bi-plane and converted it just a bit. I really like the old Bi-planes and think they  look great for an Ork plane! I was really pleased with the scale of the plane too. It’s basically a toy but works well…I think anyway haha. I added bullet holes  some bits of timber and even a rope that looks like it’s holding the wings together. Also added some guns. My favourite thing about this model though is its crew. I had to cut a second hole for the Ork  about to drop some German style grenades. The pilot is also manning twin machine guns that came with the plane. Still need to finish painting but I love this model.

ThenI bought a couple of cheap model planes to tinker around with. I  honestly can’t remeber  what type of planes they were but they were from WW2. The first has a nice big chunky engine and propeller which looks cool. Thought I’d make the pilot to be just as cool and hanging out of his cockpit with his gun. He looks laid back as he shoots down casually at his enemies haha. The second plane was a bit small and is some sort of scout plane. I still need to do some more painting. Thinking of doing some logo or mascot style  image on the side of both of these models.

In the next chapter I will showcase my land vehicles for this project. Sorry the pix aren’t in order. I’m still getting used to the whole blog thing. I’m sure you’ll be able to figure out what’s what from my descriptions etc.


4 thoughts on “Chapter 3: Störenfriede German Ork Army”

  1. Loving the bi plane, I’ve got two 1:32 plane kits sitting ready for converting (I’ve had them for years and done nothing with them) and I’m now inspired to dug them out and kustomize them! Keep up the good work so I can shamelessly copy you😉


      1. Credit where it’s due, the army’s looking really good. Have you checked out kromlech miniatures? (not sure if that’s the right spelling) they do some decent ww2 era inspired orks…


      2. Yeah. They’re awesome. I’ve put together the army using GW and Kromlech. Not all models in this army are shown yet but they are built. Just need to finish painting them all. I’ve got the commissar, some MG Gunner dudes, a Captain and the Afrika Korps guys. I’ll be spending a big chunk of my time this weekend dedicated to painting. However, I don’t know about you but I’ve got several projects on the go at one time haha. It’s all part of th fun I guess.


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