Chapter 6 Störenfriede German Ork quick update

I have done a bit more work on some terrain but this is not specifically for the  Störenfriede.

However, I did some reading about the 36th Waffen or should I say “WaaghFen” hehe. They were a German Penal Regiment in WW2 and fought in some pretty tough battles. Now dont get me wrong they were a horrible motley crew who I certainly don’t admire but it did make me think my Störenfriede could be a penal regiment. Or at least be wearing insignia (just a red triangle) on their uniform. I should, even with my very amateurish skills, be able to manage a little red triangle on their sleeves. If you get a chance it’s worth looking up the 36th Waffen. Ironically I came across them while looking up Imperial Guard penal/traitor legions. Another one of my many side projects haha.

In the next chapter I will have finished all the Störenfriede vehicles including the planes. The chapter after that all the troops should be all painted up.sigh… So much to do but I LOVE IT!!!!

oh yeah and another little update for you, I’ve learnt how to follow others on this blog thing and even have a follower myself! (No it’s not my mum) Yay!

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