113th Penal Legion part 2

image image image image image image image image image imageTonight I knuckled down and painted another four Penal Legion troops. I’m still developing the fluff for these guys in my head and I’m really enjoying painting them. My favourite in this group is the crossbow fella. He looks as though he’s just crawled through an escape tunnel, killed a nearby guard with his home made crossbow and stolen the guards bits and pieces. I was happy with how his face and hair turned out. Not a strong point of mine painting those parts. The second fave is the guy aiming his rifle from the shoulder. He looks kinda clean cut compared to a lot of the rest. Maybe he was a well respected officer in the IG before becoming a convict. He’s sporting a bear metal shoulder plate and has a few smoke grenades on his utility belt. He’s all business. Third is a Red Indian looking guy, he even has a bow strapped to his back. Maybe he’s the blood brother of Shiv from the original Last Chancers. Next we’ve got an ex-catachan. Instead of a camo bandana he’s made one out of his orange jump suit. He’s got a home made wooden shield strapped to his back but that’s all I really did with this guy. The thing I like most about him is his grizzled features. He’s had a couple of layers of paint so his features got a little buried so I re-cut them with a scalpel and now he looks scarred. Hope you like them. I have two more models to paint to complete this little 13 man army.

2 thoughts on “113th Penal Legion part 2”

  1. Nice work 🙂

    I know you could arm a figure with a bow in 2nd edition 40K but I’m not sure what has happened since (nor do I really care too much!). Nice work anyway, seems appropriate penal soldiers would have to scrounge to make up for inadequate supplies.

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