My list of projects.

imageThis is more for my own documentation than a proper blog. However, I thought some of you might be interested in what I’m working on. It’s rare if I stick to to one project from start to end. Usually I do a bit of this and a bit of that. However lately I’ve noticed I am enjoying get things ticked off the list such as my 113th Penal Legion guys in my last blog. Side note here: thank you again for those of you that commented and sorry again for accidentily marking it as spam haha. I felt awful especially after doing it a second time. I am what I think some people call a noob haha.

Anyway, here’s this current list. Believe me it can change at any given time haha.

  1. The Lost Centurions. Long story short (will do a proper blog when the army is finished). These guys are Rebels, not traitors as such. There was a big misunderstanding, bit of a love triangle, things got out of hand. One commander went one way and the other commander went the other way. One stayed as a fully fledged commander the other was labelled a rebel even though he still pled allegiance to the Emperor. The rebels became an army fighting for what’s right but also fighting to regain their own honour.
  2. Gue’Vesa. Read about these guys a few months ago and was inspired. Although I’ve put a bit of a different spin on the whole thing. Incase you’re not familiar with Gue’Vesa they are basically Imperial  Guard who now fight side by side with the Tau. As I said I’ve put a different spin on things. My little group are second generation Gue’Vesa so needless to say a little cross breeding went on. In this little platoon you’ve got full blooded Tau and half human and half Tau troops. They might have a human head but the Tau hooves. They’re a bit oddball actually haha but I like em. I will do a proper blog on these guys when they are complete.
  3. Creeping Death Ork Hunters. I was very much inspired when I read all about the Battle of Hell Town. Well worth a read. I like how savage the Catachans became and the fact that they carry Ork skulls as trophys and use Ork weaponry. Awesome!! My Catachan Ork Hunters will be a cross between the characters from the first Predator Movie and Special Ops guys. Maybe even a bit of Conan-esque look as well for shits and giggles.
  4. Next we’ve got the vengeful few. Another good fluffy back story for these guys which I will save for a blog dedicated to them. They are pretty bad arse (ass for my USA friends). They are fallen space marine heroes, mostly, but have not turned to Chaos. There’s even a few fallen IG heroes. I can’t wait to finish painting these warriors.
  5. The Cadian 77th. The lucky 77th. A spin off of the lucky 7th. This army is everything you’d expect from the Imperial guard. A well trained die hard bunch of grunts who love nothing more than putting their fighting skills to the test. I started this army years ago and now want to build it up with tanks, heavy weapons and even a few sentinels. They will be a force to be reckoned with.
  6. The Wastelanders. A horrible mob of humans who were once a well respected imperial guard fighting force. They were left for dead on a desolate planet where they were forced to become self sufficient and self reliant. Now they want a little pay back on anyone or anything. They will mostly be made up of cultists and heavily converted IG. Really enjoying piecing these guys together. Each one has his own blood curdling tale of survival.
  7. The Storenfreid you may know about already if you’ve read some of my earlier blogs. I am loving how this army is coming together and looking. I’m really happy with the colour scheme. Big back story for this army too that I’m still figuring out myself.
  8. Hellfire Shroud. A platoon of highly skilled Chaos traitors!!! Nuff Said. Haha mostly because I’m not too sure how they will turn out but im working on it.
  9. Blud Letta Clan. A Wild Ork Horde with one mad Warboss leading them. There will be bikers, trukks and converted war cars (mad max fury road style). Can’t wait to get stuck into putting together this wild clan.
  10. Bloodreavers. I am so impressed with what I’ve seen on the Internet of these ferocious looking warriors that I will be building an army of them. The Bloodreavers will be a savage bunch of blood thirsty cannibals hell bent on hunting slaying and eating just about everyone. In this army there will also be a whole bunch of Marauders who will be used by the Bloodreavers as warriors, slaves and also food if they have a dry spell on enemy flesh. Nuts I know but it makes me happy haha.

Well that’s it. Oh I should mention I am still making a few more terrain items too.

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