More recruits to Hurons 666th Legion of the Damned.

image image image image image image image image image image image imageI’ve been away on business (believe it or not I do have a grown up life too) but today I managed to get some time to paint a couple more recruits for Hurons 666th legion of the damned. The first model, I’ve decided was a priest/monk simply because he looks like one and I figured his comrades needed a fallen misguided dark God loving preacher type warrior to listen to around the camp fire. I tried a different technique for his gown. I did a light colour base then added darker streaks before giving it all an ink wash. Turned out better than expected. He is a little bland as far as colour scheme but I actually think it helps him stand out from the crowd. I enjoyed painting this model and took my time with him. His metal mask was relatively easy to paint, considering I am elderly and can start to shake with finer details hehe. I call him Lucious Severus. Just because it sounds cool.

The next model is more of your standard grunt. I used a backpack I had from a really old plastic IG set I bought in the mid 90’s. They were all generic and identical and had berets. Will be using a couple of them for more 666th troops. I am considering cutting off the winged skull emblem on his helmet as it looks a bit laime how I’ve just painted over it. Let me know what you think gang and I’m always happy to hear constructive criticism. I’m really hoping to get better and better at this so that one day I can hold my head up high in the miniature painting world hehe.


11 thoughts on “More recruits to Hurons 666th Legion of the Damned.”

  1. Waddaya mean “misguided dark God loving preacher”? There’s nothing misguided about selling your soul to the Dark Gods mate – it’s that Emperor who’s all mouth! ;-p
    All silliness aside though he’s looking solid, the grubby robes really work on him. As for the grunt my main change would be, as you’ve already suggested, getting rid of the winged skull – it’s just too much an Imperial symbol for a treacherous heretic to wear. Otherwise looking good 🙂

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    1. Haha cheers mate.

      You see I’m a little torn, I’ve got Vader/Anakin syndrome. I love the IG. I love the discipline, clean cut look fighting machine. However I also love the rag tag villainous look too.
      Yep, the winged skull is coming off tonight but I might try and make it look as though the grunt himself has hacked at it.

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      1. I often do that. Rather than just remove the symbol outright cut through it so it looks as though they’ve defaced it themselves. After all if they’ve just rebelled they probably would hack at the symbols of the old regime in a fit of rage rather than sitting down and calmly filing them off.


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