“KazGor” A Chaos Champion and company commander of The Warmongers.

image image image image image image image imageI’ve been reading up, and mostly looking at pictures, of Chaos Marines etc and decided to add yet another army project to my long list. This will be army number XIII. It will be a Chaos Warband made up of three companies (x 2 10 man squads per company) and a Command squad. I want the whole army, each model, to be made up entirely from my imagination. I’m not going to simply buy a squad and paint them. Like most of my other armies I want them to be unique. They probably won’t make much sense in the normal wargaming tradition but they’ll look cool haha. I made this chap today and usually I don’t like to share my models until I’ve painted them but I’m so excited about him I couldn’t wait haha. He will command one of the three companies called “The Warmongers”. His name is KazGor and he is a champion of Chaos.

I used bits from all corners of the planetary system. To name a few, he has a Space Wolf torso, Chaos Marauder legs and a Cadian Power Fist. For the banner pole I used a bit of Sprue because I wanted it to be taller. As he’s not painted I went with a B&W effect in an attempt to make him look darker and more evil until he is painted. Suggestions on a paint scheme would be much appreciated.

3 thoughts on ““KazGor” A Chaos Champion and company commander of The Warmongers.”

    1. Actually no, not yet at least. Good point. I usually do. You should see my Notes section on my phone haha full of ideas and stories. Even though I’ve been modelling for some time I’m relatively new to the Fluff thing. I love it but I think a lot of die hard WH fans would laugh at me and my Fluffy ideas because they might not exactly fit in with everyone’s idea of the WH world. I write it for my own amusement and doxygenation really. If others like it then cool. Also, this is my first real exploration into Chaos space marines. My Traitor Legion got me thinking about Chaos a whole lot more and so did some other inspiring Blogs on here.
      Going back to colour schemes I really like scab red but I’ve already started to use this on a smal Army called “The Vengeful Few” so I’m not too sure. I will ponder the fluff as you suggested though. Cheers man.


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