Chaos Lord Hezrions War-Band – Story snippet

Ok here is my little “Noob” disclaimer ok. Firstly I am not much of a writer but I enjoy writing. Secondly I am not that knowledgeable in the world of 40k I just know what I like.

I have decided to build a small Chaos Space marine army, it’s my first. I’ve made a Champion for the army (See a more recent Blog about KazGor) but that’s all so far. Tonight I decided to write a short (More of a snippet actually) story about my little Chaos War-band that is slowly formulating in my head.

Hope you like it.

Lord Hezrions Warband

A dark fog wreaking of blood crept silently across the now quiet battlefield. Many Chaos warriors lay dead on the ash earth of Loxan Moon. Many more imperial guardsmen littered the scorched land. It had been a battle the Cadians would have believed to be easily won but how wrong they were. Their arrogance was soon their undoing. They marched and thundered across the dark wastelands in their Leman Russ battle tanks whooping and hollering as though they were hunting in their homeland forests. A young Corproal in second platton was the first to notice then enemey bunkered down behind a makeshift barricade of steel girders and rusted barrels. The young guardsman pointed and called out to his Sergeant at what he could see a hundred yards ahead. At that precise moment a deep gutteral roar came from their left. It was a warcry of the Chaos Warbands elite warrior know as Typhus. Just about every Cadian head in the column turned to see the Warrior charging down a short slope swinging a huge sythe around and over his head. At first the Cadians could not move from shock. Then someone bravely but foolishly opened up with small arms fire. The shots were wild and not a single bullet hit Typhus as he bounded down towards his enemy. He leapt up onto the turret of the first Tank and in one almighty swoop lopped off the Tank commanders head. Typhus roared in delight and thus signalling the reast of the warband to open fire in a well executed ambush. The Guardsman, caught completely off guard, did what they could to regain order and control but it was no use. The Chaos attack was brutal and came from all sides including the rear. Lord Hezrion himself lead a full frontal assault along with his 1st Company known as The Exceutioners. They let rip with their heavy bolt guns and tore open the Cadians front lines. Blood, bone and brains sprayed the hulls of the forward positioned Leman Russ tanks. Typhus was soon joined by his comrade Wulfrik who beheaded four guardsman in no less than 2 minutes into the battle. He made sure to drop the severed heads, his trophies, into his large hessian sack he carried across his back for exactly that purpose. 2nd Company came from the right but instead of firing they ripped open their foes using their chainswords and battle axes. Blood rained. The Cadians fired frantically in all directions but the attack was too brutal, too chaotic! The Chaos warriors fought like barbarians with a wild unmatched blood lust. The standard bearer for 3rd company was the first to fall from a direct hit from a leman russ pulse canon to the chest. Not even his unholy and ancient armour could save him. He was literally torn in half by the blast. As he lay in the ash and blood his metal plated gloved hand reached for his fallen Standard. As his fingers tightened around the standards pole he smiled and his life ebbed away. Another warrior from 3rd company called Lucan prised the standard from his dead comrades grip and raised it high. He cried out “Blood for the blood God!!!” Every other Chaos warrior screamed with a frenzied excitement and witht that fought even harder. It was all over ten minutes later. Not a single Guradsman was left alive.

“I want a count of our dead.” Lord Hezrion told his Adviser. Hezrion went down on one knee and peeled away his helmet. Sweat trickled down his face. He snorted and spat blood from his mouth. He had been biting down on his own tongue throughout the battle. A trick his old mentor had taught him to do during battle as the taste of your own blood only drives you fight more ferociously and turns you into a savage. He wiped the sweat from his face and took a long gulp of Rum from his flask just as his adviser returned. “A total of 17 casulaties my Lord. Three from 1st company, eight from 2nd and the rest from 3rd including the company commander. None of our elites fell. We also have two badly wounded my Lord, both from 3rd. Hezrion looked into his advisers dark souless eyes. “You know what to do with them.” Hezrion said and then asked, “Any stand outs in battle?” The adviser nodded intensely and replied, “My Lord, warrior Lucan of 3rd company picked up the standard when it fell and then went on to take down half a platoon of guards and destroyed a Russ. Hezrion smiled and made a mental note to make warrior Lucan the new commander of 3rd company.

Hezrion stood and called out to his men. “A good battle fought and a good battle won. The blood God smiles upon us this day. Lets move.” His warriors roared with pride and prepared to move. As Hezrions eyes fixed on the horizon and thoughts of the next ambush swirled in his mind he was vaguely aware of two single shots ringing out into the darkness as the two wounded warriors were dealt with. “Blood for the Blood God.” He whispered to himself.


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      1. Well, 40k is set in a great big galaxy. It is easy to make up your own little world or system or subsector. And there are plenty of wikis and other sites with tons of infomation.

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