KazGor – My Chaos Champion and 1st Company Commander completed.

image image image image image image image image image imageI’ve been painting my small Gue Vesa militia platoon most of today but then I wanted a change of pace so decided to paint up my Chaos Champion called KazGor. He is a brutal fellow who pretty much resolves every issue with anyone who crosses him with violence to the extreme. It’s rare to see this bloke without someone’s blood dripping from his armour or weapons. Despite, or maybe even due to, his savage tendencies he is well respected amongst his men and comrades.

Im going for a bleak look to my Chaos Warband. The Khorne Red on the power fist works well though I thought and I added scratches to it so it looked well used. It even has some sergeant stripes on it. His fur shawl is a little blood stained and a bit tatty but it keeps the chill off his back. I really like the skull/horn shoulder plate and was sure to add a small spatter of blood to this too. I imagine this guy enjoying hip and shouldering his foes with this haha. I’m particularly happy with the banner he’s holding. It turned out better than I hoped. I took my time with this model in an attempt to pay more attention to detail. I hope it shows. Let me know your thoughts.

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