Ui Jaxoh Slovaz Gue’ VESA Militia

image image image image image image image image image image image image imageA while back I read about the Tau Gue’  Vesa. Definitely worth a read. I decided I wanted to do a Gue’ Vesa Militia platoon with my own spin.

This small platoon is a mix of Tau warriors as well as Tau/Human half breed warriors. No actual full blooded humans. My theory, a little tongue in cheek, is that the original Gue’ Vesa (Treacherous Humans) would have no doubt mated with the Tau.
The Tau warriors in the group are ex-slaves or seen as unworthy for some reason to be apart of the regular Tau army.
The mixed breed element is hated by the Imperium of man for they are seen as traitors to their own kind. The Tau have accepted the mixed breed but see them as a sub level species and look down at them and treat them as inferiors. They are worthy of fighting for the Tau but not to be fully integrated into their society.
The platoons technology and equipment isn’t quite as advanced as their fellow Tau regiments, in fact they often have to repair their old hand-me-downs. Many of the troopers use Imperial guard weaponry and some even have ancient space marine armour. Their fighting ability and tactics are of a militia nature and they are often utilised to work behind enemy lines as saboteurs.
Their commander, Ui Jaxoh Slovaz (son of the famous guardsman turned Gue’ Vesa) is a half breed who is semi respected by his Tau commanders due to his success rate with suicidal missions and his expertise as a tactician on the battlefield. He is still not permitted to eat at the same table as his superiors but they have bestowed several honours upon him. His own men respect him as they know he would happily lay down his life down for any one of them plus he has got them out of many a tight corner.

There will be a total of four five man units and one command unit. The first unit I’ve completed is a recon unit. Their colour scheme is completely different to the rest of the platoon. The Recon Unit Commander is K’aal. (Ginger bearded dude).

At first I wasn’t enjoying painting them but after a while I got into it. I didn’t have the right paint for the Tau flesh so I made my own. I’m reasonably happy with it but think it might be a bit dark. I might even go back to it at another time to lighten it. I know they’re a bit odd but I like em.

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