Terrain… Not so unknown terrain for me anymore.

Years ago I dabbled in a few dioramas. I had fun but had no skills what so ever! A few years later when I discovered 40K I made some ruined buildings out of cardboard but they were very lack luster. I simply made them for gaming for use as obstacles and for cover etc. They were ok but nothing special at all. I didn’t enjoy making terrain at all. Now, all these years later I’ve learnt a little patience and I’ve also learnt that terrain can add so much to a battlefield aesthetically. I’m still very amateurish but I feel I am getting better with the more terrain projects I tackle. The biggest I have as a work in progress is an Ork Fort for my Storenfriede (Troublemakers) Ork Army.

This new piece I completed today. It was a public holiday in my part of the world so after taking my two year old swimming, playing babies with her, watching cartoons with her and then putting her down for a nap I got stuck in to my terrain piece. I am pleased with my efforts here and it cost me hardly anything. The base was for free, from work. The paints were old acrylic ones from a paint box. The polystyrene I found in the study. The sand paper I had in the garage where it had been for a long time. The only thing I bought, a while ago, was the Polly Filla.

I had the idea of an old road (Sandpaper), with a T intersection that went nowhere that had been grown over by moss and debris. A road from another time when, this particular world, had been a proud city. Some remnants of a building lay in one corner, charred and broken from past battles.  At the other end of the road there is a Tar/Oil swamp in which the road disappears into.

I will be adding some tangled masses of barbed wire and a few bits of rotten timber. I was thinking a skeleton too or would this be too over the top? I also considered building some kind of alter or even a broken statue. Your thoughts and ideas would be appreciated on this.

As I said, still quite amateurish but slowly getting better. aerial 1 aerial 2 ancient ruins 1 ancient ruins 2 ancient ruins 3 ancient ruins 4 road 1 road 2 tar swamp 1 tar swamp 2

8 thoughts on “Terrain… Not so unknown terrain for me anymore.”

  1. Cool man, this looks great! I’ve always wanted to do a big board myself, but I’ve never had the storage capacity… that is about to change though, so I may give it a crack in the not too distant future. I’d say go for it with the extra detailing, it’s all good in my opinion. Are you going to keep it generic sci-fi? (i.e. no space marine statues/imperial iconography?)

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    1. Thanks mate. It will be only used for 40k but I’m thinking the statue might or could relate to some ancient order or person. Before Heresy. However over the centuries battled have been won and lost on this road so I think the odd remnant and/or artefact would be kinda cool.

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    1. Cheers man. I’m really enjoying it. Creating little imaginary worlds is good fun. In the back of my mind I am wondering where it will stop though haha. Eventually I’ll have to buy a very big shed hehe


  2. That is looking great! It’s worth looking around the charity shops and pound stores for cheap toys to turn into statues, wedding cake tear dividers make great columns too.

    Keep it up, Cheers Roger.

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