Death Church Rising Part 1

I’ve been working fairly consistently  on terrain for the last month or so and I’ve really enjoyed myself. Instead of diving headlong into things, as is my way, I took my time, researched and planned. I started with a board (AS seen here… and after finishing it and looking at it longer than any normal person would I decided it would depict a lost world (earth). 

I made my first terrain piece and before I knew it I was looking at a little Chapel. This inspired me for the rest of the terrain pieces as you’ll see in the pix below. I am pleased with the basic Gothic architecture including arched doorways and windows. I also like the destroyed floorboards that I even have on joists for some extra detail. I was tempted to add a graveyard (my kids and wife suggested I should) but thought it might be a bit cheesy. I did, however add a crucifix to one building, the biggest building of the lot. I was in two minds about this but thought, as it is an ancient Earth, there would be relics of such things. After finishing  the buildings I added some more details to the board itself such as timber planks, rusted scrap and barbed wire tangles. There’s even a damaged and rusted Imperial Vox caster. Oh yes and a sign nailed to a dead tree that reads “Repent”. Might add some more wear and tear to this sign though and maybe a skull at the base. Hope you like all the terrain pieces just as much as I liked making them.

The Spacewolves are just for show, I haven’t quite finished them yet. They are now traitors and no longer Spacewolves but more of that later.

Ohh, and in regards to “Part 1”, Part 2 will, hopefully, be a little video.





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