Sanity is for the weak

I’m working on a Chaos War band. Well I figured my Traitor Guard needed some extra grunt behind them. However, surprisingly, I got side tracked by yet  another terrain idea. I thought well every bitter, twisted, blood hungry, completely off their rocker Chaotic War band needs a place to call home. I’ve gone for a dark and dank looking hell hole that has quite an ominous air about it. It features large open plan living, with observation decks, ancient relic art, a meals preparation area (or slaughter table/sacrificial alter), beautiful expressive and contemporary art piece (Chaos icon), storage room and a very cosy execution wall. You and your insane brood and loyal cultists would be right at home here as it is close to oil swamps, battlefields and certain death.

I had fun doing this.




Aerial of Blood templeBridge 1Bridge 2Bridge 3Bridge 4Icon and execution 1icon and execution 2Sacrificial AlterSkull 1Skull 2Skull roof 1Skull roof 2full shotimage

9 thoughts on “Sanity is for the weak”

    1. Do you think the blood is a little over the top? I like blood and lots of it (in the miniature world I mean of course, although the occasional blood nose is funny) but I’m mindful that there is a point where it can be ridiculous haha.

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      1. No, I don’t think it’s over the top mate… are you worried? If so, wash it with a little brown and/or black ink to make it look like old, dry blood from many many victims… then just add a splosh more fresh blood for the latest victim 🙂

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