Sergeant Bastonne

imageimageimageimageimageimageA while ago I was inspired to build this small diorama piece after reading about Sergeant Lukas Bastonne.

To me, he is the epitome of a great guardsman. Steadfast, loyal, brave beyond compare and a willingness nay eagerness to lay his life down for the Emperor.

I put the finishing touches on him tonight which include fresh scars on his face, blood trickling from his mouth and I also did his eyes. I have never, ever painted eyes before. I didn’t know painting miniatures could be such an extreme sport but my heart was racing as I dabbed ever so gently away at Bastonnes eyeballs haha. For a first attempt at eyes I’m quite proud. They look a bit crazed but it suits the model and the situation Bastonne has found himself in. He’s alone, the last man standing from a veteran platoon. He is surrounded by two dozen Chaos Space marines who can be heard howling and taunting the lone guardsman. He is down to his last clip but he is ready, hungry for battle and prepared to welcome death if it is his Emperors wish this day…


Please let me know any pointers on painting eyes. Cheers gang.


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