‘Tis the season to be jolly, unless of course you are this guy.

Good day folks. Maybe I’ve had a tough week at work, maybe I have watched one too many Rambo movies this week or maybe, just maybe I am a little twisted. Either way up for your viewing pleasure we have Captain Culleo Sicarus of the Ultramarine’s. I’m not a fan of the clean cut boys in blue so I thought, what better muse/victim than one of their finely polished commanders to skewer on a thick metal pole. The perpetrators are unknown but let’s be honest it could be any number of enemies, including some jealous gits from his own team. Just looking at the brutality of it all, my guess is that a gathering of Orks, out on the town, came across Captain Sicarus, polishing his medals, and thought they’d dice him up a bit and then skewer the poor bastard up high for all to see. Or it could have been a Chaos war band making an example of the Ultramarine. No one will ever really know for sure. I’ll tell you one thing for free though, he wasn’t legless before he ran into a bit of mischief.

Some things to point out.

  1. You know I had fun doing this.
  2. I tried to make the right arm/stump look as though it had a fractured and pointy  bone jutting out of it.
  3. For the intestines (not sure if you can see them that clearly in the pix) I used some electrical wire I cut out of an old DVD player.
  4. I was really happy with the angle I got on the poor Captains head, in fact it was that angle that made me think of skewering him. The first plan was just going to be him dead and slumped up with his to a wall.
  5. His legs are nowhere to be found but his severed right arm can be found below him on the ground along with a battle damaged shield. IMG_4908IMG_4909IMG_4911IMG_4912IMG_4916IMG_4918IMG_4921IMG_4922IMG_4917

6 thoughts on “‘Tis the season to be jolly, unless of course you are this guy.”

  1. Really nice work, looks really gnarly and grim. But more likely to bring swift retribution from the forces of the Imperium than scare anyone away.

    We’re coming for you heretics!

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  2. I, too, used to think like that – used the space marine casualty kit to decorate the bases for my Necrons, until I came to love the blue!

    That said, you’ve done a great job there, fair play!

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