Chaos Lord Hezrions War Band – Brotherhood of Disorder. Part 1

imageimageimageimageA few blogs back I wrote a snippet of a story about Lord Hezrions Chaos War Band. The War Bands new name is “Brotherhood of Disorder”. Catchy yeah? Sounds like some Black Metal band haha.

The Brotherhood of Disorder is made up of a command squad and 9 units each lead by a commander. The 9 units are named after the 9 circles of hell. I got the idea from reading Dantes Divine Comedy and was particularly intrigued by “Inferno”. Look it up and have a read.

I thought it would make for a cool little army.

So far I’ve built all the commanders of the units but only one is painted. KazGor who had a blog dedicated to him a little while ago.

Tonight I finished unit number 4 (i’m not building/painting them in any particular order) The Greed unit. X9 Chaos Marines lead by one commander. I haven’t painted the commander yet so he isn’t pictured but I finished the Marines tonight and I think they look bad arse. I experimented with a build up of colours to make them look rotten, damaged and rusted. I did some minor conversions but nothing to really rave about. Although the marine with the Ork blade looks pretty mean.



7 thoughts on “Chaos Lord Hezrions War Band – Brotherhood of Disorder. Part 1”

  1. I’m surprised by how good that helmet looks without the horns (on the guy with the melta)!
    I love your painting style, the different colours of grime and dirt look very effective, especially on the shoulderpads.

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  2. Cheers and well picked. I was going for a one horned helmet but then thought why not slice them both off. These guys have clearly seen a lot of battle so two missing horns is reasonable haha. Thanks for the comment. More to come of this warband.


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