Praetorian Chimera

I’ve never reblogged before so I hope this works. I have been looking at some archives of fellow bloggers and came across Young Alex’s here. Excellent work that needs a whole lot more appreciation. Fantastic. Keep up the good work.

Leadballoony - It's a lead thing

Greetings! So, the army was slowly taking shape, but, ask any guard player and they will tell you that the humble Chimera is your friend, whether moving your troops around in comparative safety, or acting as a mobile command bunker for your ordering units. Also, under the old codex you could have 5 passengers firing out of the top hatch, making the Chimera a superb gunboat! I knew that I wanted a goodly number of them in my army, but I also planned to make them dual purpose by having the roof pop off so that I could drop an artillery piece in the back. I also wanted them to look suitably steampunky (punkish? Punkesque?)…

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