Sneak preview on my Inquisition. Lord Julius Fendrake and his Retinue

I’m sure I’m not alone when I say I build a model, that I like, and I very much feel the need to share it ASAP! Haha. I usually prefer to have them all built and painted before I show them off to the world. In this case though I thought I’d share some sneak previews. Mainly because I’m excited.

Here is the first fella.

“Lord Julius Fendrake”. Inquisitor.

He still needs a little cleaning up. I wanted him to be an older gent but wind swept and interesting. Even a little pirate-ish. Not too much conversion work just a little kit bashing. If you look close enough you’ll see that his right leg is in fact a peg leg. Sorry, bit blurred this one.



He has a pile of skulls before him at his feet, which will eventually be covered in blood.

I’m quite pleased with his sword which is mostly a Catachan but the Pommel is from the top of a Scion scepter. I’m looking forward to painting this guy.


Here is his fluff.

Lord Julius Fendrake is a man of zero tolerance, compassion, empathy or sympathy. Born to a wealthy Duke and Duchess Fendrake grew up with great privilege and never wanted for anything. When he was 17 he joined the Imperial Cadets and within his first six months he was selected for officer training. Just six months later he found himself in the midst of bloody battle with an Ork horde invading his home planet. He was told by his commanders that the civilians would be safe, that his family would be safe. His commanders severely underestimated the Ork horde. The Orks first assault was too easily repelled and the foolish and naive Imperial commanders, so much in love with their own egos, failed to see the counter attack that came almost silently from the rear. The imperial city was all but destroyed within hours. Civilians were dragged from their homes and either burned alive or taken as slaves upon the Ork ships. All this while the imperial guard army were still celebrating their small win. Then when they did have time to react they hesitated, weather it was due to fear or just a complete lack of leadership no one ever knew. The Imperial commanders would pay dearly for their major error. After the Orks finally left the planet lay in ruin. Young Fendrake searched the rubble and burnt out buildings for weeks in search of his family and finally found them, or what was left of them. His mother, father and younger sister had been made an example of due to their wealth. In true Ork style his family had been hung and then torched and then fed upon. Something changed in Fendrake that day. Something dark came to life deep within him. The imperium had failed him, failed his family. He felt betrayed. He felt lost. He stayed with his regiment for the next ten years fighting with a ferociousness matched by very few. It was as though he had a death wish but also had the natural talent and ability to lead and fight. He threw himself into suicidal missions and he almost took pleasure in executing any guardsman that didn’t follow his every command. He fought battle after battle and always came away relatively unharmed and mostly victorious. Some say he was lucky but most say he was so full of hatred that he had almost become demonic. Many guardsman feared him and those that didn’t were almost as unhinged as he was. Then came the battle on Eytipion IV. The same Ork horde that had destroyed his family many years before had settled, semi permanently, on an ancient and abandoned hive planet. A major attack was planned. Fendrake eagerly volunteered to lead his regiment in the first attack to draw first blood.
He charged head long at the Orks front lines and they were ready. They opened up on Fendrake and his men with their looted Leman russ tanks and caught the approaching guardsman completely unawares. Fendrakes regiment was all but annihilated and in the process his right leg was shredded beyond repair by shrapnel. He quickly ordered the medics to fix something in place on his leg to act as a leg and fought on bravely. Witnesses that day say he took out two Orks single handed with his chainsword. No easy feat even for a man with two legs. He then received a shot to the head which left him comatose for several months. When he woke a Commissar sat beside him. “How is your loyalty?” The commissar asked him immediately. Fendrake, even though he felt groggy and riddled with pain did not hesitate “my loyalty is as it always has been and always will be, true and solid Lord Commissar.”
“Good, then I have an offer for you.” The commissar said with a dark smirk. “Will you be an Inquisitor for our God Emperor? Will you investigate, hunt and kill heretics in the name of our Emperor?”
Again, with no hesitation Fendrake nodded. At that moment he didn’t feel lost anymore, he knew what his purpose was. He knew he would do his duty and make damn sure all guardsman and all people remained true and loyal to the emperor and his wants and guidance.
Here is the second Fella.
“Doctor Errol “Killingsworth” Hollingsworth”. Chiurgeon. (Medic).
I wanted a deranged looking surgeon but one who looked like he could still keep his cool haha. I scoured the web in search of a model that looked just right but then after finding very few possibilities, which were far too expensive, I settled on making my own. As you can see he’s made up of Catachan and Cadian bits but once painted that sickly blue/green of a surgeons coat and mask he should come up pretty well. I like his stance and the tilt of his head. He looks like someone has just said something a little upsetting to him and he has looked over at them. I think that person might be in a spot of bother judging by the size of that needle haha.
Doctor Killingsworth 1
killingsworth 2
Here is the fluff for Killingsworth.
Doctor Errol “Killingsworth” Hollingsworth is a cruel, aggressive and violent man but none would suspect it until they cross him as his demeanor is one of calm aristocratic pomp. He is well mannered until he is pushed over the edge or on a mission. He can be your best friend or your worse nightmare and often, literally, gives you the choice. He was a Surgeon for the good part of two decades before he was caught red handed experimenting on bad tempered patients. He would cut them open and see what would happen if he removed their kidneys or half their heart. His dream had always been to build a person from scratch and this was his first foray into experimenting with life and death. * Watch this space for what the good Doctor does create!
Not too much is known about the Doctor but all Fendrake really cares about is the Doctor doing his job which he does with a professional precision.
Here are both the fellas waiting for me to paint them. May not happen until the New Year now as it’s nearly time for Santa to unload his sack and I’ll be taking the family away on a mini holiday to the seaside. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all and thank you once again for all your comments and likes and views.
Stay cool.
fendrake and killingsworth



13 thoughts on “Sneak preview on my Inquisition. Lord Julius Fendrake and his Retinue”

    1. Cheers. It’s a big crew actually. I think 14 models in total. A couple of Acolytes, a Mystic, a scribe, a few warriors, a couple of servitors and even a couple of monsters. It’s good fun putting this posse together. I also started work on something to fly them about the place too. Was going to give them a converted Chimera but I thought they may need to planet hop in their quest too hehe. Thanks for your interest mate.


      1. Me too! Since I discovered the whole Inq thing I’ve been quite excited. For this particular retinue I’ve built all the models but I want to have everything painted before I post them. I’m always tempted to jump the gun but it’s much more rewarding to see them all completed in a post.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I agree completely with that, it can destroy the illusion somewhat seeing the models in there grey and green stage! It can be hard trying to restrain yourself when you’re excited for a new project though. Either way, I’ll be looking out for your completed models 😀

        Liked by 1 person

  1. That is a fine looking model, I like the subtle conversion work too. I too like to come up with a bit of background to go with my figures (though I rarely write it down), but I do find it’s easier to get attached to a model if you have a bit of backstory while painting it and of course playing with it after. looking forward to seeing this little pair painted and of course the rest of the motley crew!

    Cheers Roger.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thanks mate. I’ve been chipping away but with Christmas and family coming to stay things have slowed down a little. I managed to paint a Servitor and the first female miniature I’ve ever done today. Still several models to go.


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