Self portrait – called “frustrated at dropping small yet important bits while converting models”

imageI’m sure it’s happened to all of you at one time or another haha. I wanted to start 2016 on here with a laugh! 😊






6 thoughts on “Self portrait – called “frustrated at dropping small yet important bits while converting models””

  1. And once you’ve dropped them you know, before you’ve even started to look, that the chances of finding them again are close to nil. And the rarer or more expensive they are the more likely it is that they are gone for good.

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    1. In the old days when it was lego I was rummaging through and dropping I could always find the fallen piece because it was bright red and ten times the size haha. Now the pieces are small and my old weary eyes aren’t what they used to be hehe. My wife always laughs at me when she sees me on all fours searching for the escapee. Then I tell her she’ll find it when she gets off her bottom and does her chores ie mop the floors. It’s about then that I learn what true pain is! At least we’ve got polished floor boards and not dark grey carpet I guess.

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  2. For some reason this appears to happen with me most with those tiny (and quite pricey) rare earth magnets we use to magnetise models. I lost three at the weekend whilst putting together a dreadnought… And the whole mini only needed four of them…

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