My Inquisition – An update on my progress.

Sorry gang, no images on this post as I want to do a proper unveling  once the entire project is finished.

I’m excited with how the models are looking after painting. Better than expected actually. I am determined not to rush them.

So far, this year, I have painted Inquisitor Julius Fendrake, his right hand man and Acolyte Magnus DeLeon and also the whole Retinues ship, which I’ve called “The Reckoning”.

I am tempted to put up some pictures but NO! Once the whole project is complete I will do individual posts for each model so you can all get to know each of the characters. Im averaging one model every second day. I get most painting done at night as my day was filled with hide and seek, building blocks, my little pony and a dolls house (please note I have already sized up the dollhouse to use as terrain but alas the scale is crazy big haha).

stay cool

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