My Inquisition – An update on my Inquisition Part II

I love holidays. Especially the type of holiday that allows me to kick back, relax and do some work on my little plastic bits n bobs.

I’ve actually been more productive than I expected but have not rushed. There is a difference.

Out of the 14 models I have planned for this Retinue I have now painted 8 of the characters. I’m quite chuffed with how they’ve turned out.

I should point out that this retinue is purely for my own enjoyment. Possibly for games by my own design later down the track. So, because it’s for my own pleasure I’ve included Non-GW models. Two of which were metal. I haven’t painted metal models since the first metal Catachans came out many moons ago. To be honest, I wasn’t really looking forward to painting the metal models and I’m not sure why? Maybe because I didn’t convert them at all. As it turned out I enjoyed painting them immensely and was pleasantly surprised by how well they turned out. There’s a scribe and a Mystic/Medic. Both are very different and both look really cool. Sorry, no pix yet as explained in my last post.

I have also painted a bounty hunter/pilot, a  Doctor  (Chiurgeon), a second Acolyte and an interrogator/torturor.

I’m not sure if you guys do this but now I’ve finished 8 models I have placed them on a little stand and just gaze at them adoringly haha. Please tell me I’m not alone in this.

Next up, hopefully tomorrow or even later tonight, I’ll be painting my first female model ever! Her name is Agatha Black. Bounty hunter/Co-pilot for The Reckoning (Inquisition Ship).

I’m loving this project.


10 thoughts on “My Inquisition – An update on my Inquisition Part II”

  1. I can’t wait for the final reveal 🙂
    I know your reservations regarding metal models, I’m trying to talk myself into painting some of the old metal pink horrors and the games day chaos sorcerer at the moment.
    It’s not just you, I could happily stand for ages looking at my finished models!

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  2. Gazing lovingly at little toy soldiers that have been lovingly created by your own hand is healthy and normal… as long as it isn’t during sex, while driving, or at funerals. Now stop teasing and give us photos, damn you!!

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