The ][NQUISITOR and his RETINUE – Completed Project.

The Heretic ran through the desolate, burning and ruined city streets. His body covered in welts and scars, some fresh. His wide eyes searched the shadows frantically as he ran. Spittle sprayed from his mouth constantly like a rabid dog and murmurs and whimpers came from his burnt and shredded lips. Suddenly, he tripped over his own feet and crashed to the dank cobblestone road, grazing his already grazed hands and crushing his chin. He yelped like a wounded animal but hastily scrambled to his feet to continue his run. His head spun over his shoulder to see if any shadows loomed after him but there was nothing but emptiness and the glow of fire. His crazed mind was a blur with chaotic icons, orders being growled at him, blood and vague memories of his former self. He ran through a cluster of shadowy figures and didn’t even see them but sensed they were just as desperate and scared as he. He pushed past one cloaked being and heard him collapse to the ground crying out in agony. The Heretic did not stop. He ran on even though his bare feet bled profusely, even though he was so exhausted he was ready to drop. His fear of a fate worse then death spurred him on but he didn’t even know where he was running to? All he knew was what he was running from. Then a single loud shot cracked open the ominous night air and the Heretic fell, once more, onto the cobbled road, his back torn open by the blast. He was in so much pain he could not even scream at first… but then came a long, loud, blood curdling and guttural scream that could have woken the dead. His eyes darted around as he tried to get to his feet as he continued scream. He could not get up, his spine had been shattered by the shot. Then, he heard a repetitive steady click sound coming towards him. It sounded like a a stick being rhythmically tapped against the cobbles and it was edging closer and closer. The Heretics bloodshot eyes strained to see in the darkness and what he saw made his bowels open up and let go. Striding towards him, on his renowned wooden leg, was none other than Lord Julius Fendrake the infamous Inquisitor. The Heretic screamed so loud his own blood gushed from his mouth and onto the road. He cried, moaned, wailed and begged as Inquisitor Fendrake unsheathed his sword and without hesitation brought the savagely sharp blade down on the crown of the Heretics head… “You are forgiven”. Fendrake whispered to the burning night air and then with a swoop of his long dark officer coat he disappeared into the shadows, just as quickly as he had appeared from them.

So here we are at long last. My Completed Inquisitor and his Retinue.

It has been so much fun putting all this together from start to finish. I enjoyed the research for each character and adding a whole bunch of fluff and imagination to each of them. In regards to the fluff I might do individual posts on each of the Characters and include all their fluff for those of you that dig that kind of thing.  The modelling and the painting have been equally as fun as the research and planning. I really tried my best to be more patient than ever before with the painting. I was tempted to watch a pile of youtube tutorials but then I thought it’d be more fun trialing things instead. There was a bit of repainting here and there but generally everything went pretty smoothly. I was most surprised with how much I enjoyed painting the metal models and with how well they turned out, to my eye anyway. After each model was completed I showed my wife who gave me feedback. She never says a bad word so really I just wanted to hear “wow good job babes” over and over haha. She was mostly impressed that I remember all their names haha.

Please remember, if you’ve read the other posts on this project, that this retinue is just for fun and not for gaming purposes. I have included other models from other manufacturers.

Lord Julius Fendrake. Inquisitor.

(Picture of a young Fendrake in his first year of Inquisitor duties just before the battle of Garl). 

young fendrake

I wanted the Inquisitor to look worldly, wise, gentlemanly, courageous and dashing. I think I achieved this. A simple conversion. The Scion torso works well, I think,  as chest armour. Note the scratches from battle. For the overall colour scheme I wanted to steer away from what I’ve have seen on the internet. Not to say I haven’t been impressed by all that I have seen I just wanted something unique and a little more militant.

fendrake 2

fendrake 17

fendrake 22

fendrake 16

NOTE: Peg/Wooden Leg in above pic. 

fendrake 25


Magnus De Leon. Trusted Acolyte. Fendrakes first apprentice. 

(Picture of Magnus De Leon when he was just 25 years old. Already, he was a veteran of many battles and already his heart was filled with hatred for all Heretics).

young magnus

I wanted Fendrakes first apprentice to be a bit of a chip off the old block. Fendrake took the young De Leon under his wing and nurtured him like a son but ruled over him like the most fearsome of Generals. Needless to say De Leons style is similar to Lord Fendrakes. Long officer coat with all the trimmings. I wanted De Leon to be a darker character. I wanted him to look troubled. A simple head change for this model and a few skulls added for good measure. I also scraped off the heretic scars and symbols from his bare chest and then painted with lead belcher to make his upper torso look as though it has battle damaged armour plating across it. I like the streak of white in his hair. I have one of those too haha. He’s one of my favourites.

magnus deleon 6

magnus deleon 4

magnus deleon 3

magnus deleon 11

Gottfried Bloodstone. Proven Acolyte. Fendrakes second apprentice.

(Picture of Bloodstone just before he accepted his apprenticeship with Fendrake. He had sustained the scar across his eye only a few months before while fighting an Ork in hand to hand combat.)

young gottfried

I wanted Bloodstone to be quite different from his fellow apprentice and his Inquisitor Master. He is a lot younger but almost as skilled. Where as De Leons heart is filled with hate, Bloodstone is pure of heart. He believes in what he does and does not let anything he sees or does effect his steadfast devotion to Fendrake and the Emperor. I wanted him to look like a monk-ish style warrior, hence why I went with the robes. I really like his Steam Punk looking backpack. Not entirely sure what it’s use is? Maybe he suffered a devastating injury that caused both lungs to collapse and needs the ancient but reliable machine to help him breathe. Hehe that works for me. The scar looks a bit too fresh and too wide but you get the idea.

gottfried 5

gottfried 4

gottfried 3

gottfried 6

Ivon Lazimir. Mystic/Chiurgeon.

(Picture of Lazimir a few years after his death and “awakening”).

young ivon lazimir

Lazimir was once killed and was dead for half a day before returning to life. When he came back he was different. He could not see the future but he could sense bad and good things more than anyone else. Likewise he could sense the good and bad in people too. I wanted this character to look menacing but wily, cunning and manipulative. Not an easy thing to achieve. It took me a very long time to find the right model. I could picture him in my mind, even before I found the picture and long before I found the actual model. This model is metal, the first I’ve painted in quite some time. To be honest, I was not looking forward to painting him but once I did the skin colour I could see him coming together quite nicely. I am really happy with how Lazimir turned out. He is another favourite of mine.

ivon lazimir 38

ivon lazimir 2

ivon lazimir 3

ivon lazimir 7

ivon lazimir 20

Ezekiel Stolotov. Scribe.

It’s fair to say that most Inquisitors think they are pretty awesome, mostly because they are! Fendrake is no different. His ego is so big he has employed a scribe to jot down all his deeds, good and not so good. As well as documenting the adventures and missions Ezekiel must write poems and stories about the Great Inquisitor and his Retinue. He has been quietly instructed that bending the truth is not always a crime against the Emperor. Like Lazimir, Ezekiel is a metal figure. I was not looking forward to painting him at all. Not only because he was metal but also because I felt he looked quite boring. No real weapons apart from a thin bladed dagger although some might argue that the pen, or in this case the quill, is mightier than the sword. Ezekiel is a mute and communicates with hand and eye gestures and through his writing. He is never without his book and quill. I’ve got to say that painting this guy was a whole lot of fun. I have never painted a book before and even though I am not entirely happy with the scripture I think overall the model looks quite good. I like the rolls of parchment in his rucksack. I like the purple feathered quill and the little bottle of ink strapped to his belt. I also like the copper corners of the book. I even tried to paint eyes for Ezekiel but they didn’t turn out that great. I’ve got a soft spot for old Ezekiel now.

ezekiel stolotov 19

ezekiel stolotov 5ezekiel stolotov 7ezekiel stolotov 13

William Von Dannenfeld. Bounty Hunter/Warrior.

Not the nicest of chaps but deftly loyal to Fendrake and the rest of the retinue. He is reliable but untrustworthy. This model is from “My Brother Vini – Miniatures”. He is 1:48 scale so a little smaller than the typical hero scale but he still works. He is just smaller in build I guess. He was my least favourite model to paint. I didn’t really know what to do with him or how to paint him but I like his character so I persevered. He turned out ok. Simple paint job with a wash. I do like his manic looking eyes and his stance is cool but I just haven’t warmed to him.

dannenfeld 2

dannenfeld 12

dennenfeld 1

Doctor Errol “Killingsworth” Hollingsworth. Chiurgeon.

A cruel and twisted individual who is not a full can of coke if you catch my meaning. I wont say too much about him, I’ll save it for the individual character posts and fluff but I will say this, not only is he a medic but he’s also an amateur mad scientist and basically built two of the Retinue members we will meet later on. He is also in charge of repairing and maintaining the Servitors. A very simple conversion. As you can see I mostly used Catachan bits and pieces. I like the surgical mask and just the unmistakable menacing aura this guy exudes.

killingsworth 6

killingsworth 1killingsworth 4killingsworth 7killingsworth 29

Herman Krank. Interrogator/Torturer. 

Yes it was intention to make this gentleman’s name rhyme with Sherman Tank. Both are deadly adversaries on the battlefield and both are as tough as nails. Krank was employed by Fendrake to extract information from individuals by any means necessary. Krank is extremely good at what he does because he loves what he does. He has seen more blood than a blood bank so therefore he is a little unhinged but if you don’t cross him or have to sit in his interrogation chair you’ll find him to be a really nice fellow. If you look carefully (Sorry a bit blurred) there is blood around his mouth. This gives you an indication of two things.  1. He uses “any means necessary” to extract information. 2. He is clearly as Bonkers as Bonkers can be. I very much enjoyed building and painting Krank. As soon as I saw that little plastic head with the wide opened mouth and the dead eyes I knew I had found my Interrogator. I like the old school mixed with the new school. Eg. Old school pistol on the back of his belt and the new school mechanical arm. Hell Yeah!

herman krank 16

herman krank 1herman krank 5herman krank 6herman krank 8

Agatha Black. Assassin/Pilot.

My first female miniature. I’m not sexist in the slightest, I just never really thought to look for female models until this project came along. It did make me laugh, when I was searching for miniature female models, and found that many models, clearly designed and sculpted by over sexed or virginal youths, were half naked with their bosoms busting out of their flak jackets haha. When typing “Miniature female models” into the Google machine I half expected to find some taboo dwarf porn haha. Anyway, here we have Agatha Black. A cold hearted and deadly assassin. She has wiped our more souls than the plague, she is highly professional and very expensive. However she owes a great debt to Fendrake for saving her life and for that she has vowed to work for him for no less than a decade. At this present stage she is in her seventh year. Her outfit is fashioned in the same militant style as her new boss which is a sign that she has much respect for him. I like her eye patch and mechanical army.

agatha black 10

agatha black 3

Absalom. (Servitor).

My first servitor. Absalom is pretty much a brain dead servant made from old Catachan body parts and battlefield debris. I did some conversion work, noticeably the right arm being replaced with a Chaos double chainsword. I think it looks really cool. He’s quite a colourful chap in appearance but not in personality. He is extremely useful for mending all sorts of things and carrying large heavy things but in battle he is slow. For my first attempt at a Servitor I am quite pleased with the result.

absalom 5

absalom 7absalom 15absalom 21

absalom 12

Excors. Servitor. His name means “Heartless”.

My second ever servitor. The only thing I added was the chain with hooks and skulls. Found this to be a little fiddly and wasn’t sure if it would look a little silly but it works for me. Excors is even more brain dead than his colleague Absalom. He doesn’t even know why he is dragging a couple of skulls and no one else does either. he is prone to malfunctioning and going a little nuts. This can sometimes be a good thing as long as he is facing the enemy. I took as much care as possible when I was painting his wiring and even though I am happy with it I think I still could have tried even harder.

Murkbody II. Brute/Warrior.

Murkbody II is awesome. A great model with some really cool little details. A great stance and what a weapon. His brief back story is that he is the second attempt for Dr Killingsworth at making a person/warrior/killing machine. The first one, Murkbody I, ended up shooting himself in the face as soon as he was handed a weapon. Murkbody II isn’t quite complete and far from perfect but Dr Killingsworth loves him all the same and takes great pleasure in mending and re-patching the monster up. Note the missing scalp and exposed brain. Dr Killingsworth didn’t quite have enough skull fragments left over to finish this monster but he assures everyone that the metal strap around the head will keep everything in place just as well. Murkbody II communicates only vie telepathy with Killingsworth but can grunt and growl at times. I enjoyed painting this guy. Hes from West Wind Miniatures. Check them out. They have some amazing models but they are larger scale. The scale worked well for what I needed though. I like the exposed brain, especially because it’s mean to be just a short cropped haircut but when I drizzled blood on it I thought wow “Exposed Brain Yay!” I also like the hole opening up on the right of his torso. This is came about from me not clicking the body together properly when building him. A gap appeared and i just thought well it could look like he’s falling apart at the seams, literally haha. He’s mean, he’s a brute and he is extremely loyal to his daddy (Killingsworth).

murkbody 22

murkbody 4murkbody 5murkbody 6murkbody 13murkbody 44murkbody 46

Cut n Gut. Brute/Warrior. 

Another home made warrior from our good friend Dr Killingsworth. This one however got a little out of control. Not only did the Doctor add all sorts of body parts and bits and pieces from Guradsmen and Space marines but he also dabbled with adding Ork blood, Tyranid body fats and tissue and even injected the beast with bone marrow from a Chaos Daemon. Heresy? No, not at all, well not according to the Doctor anyway. He sees it as making and then training an ultimate warrior to be better than any other fighting organism in the universe. The only trouble is Cut n Gut went a little wild, then self harmed and then kind of imploded a little. Killingsworth, as always, made some adjustments and Cut n Gut seems to be ok, for now at least. This is one of my favourite models ever. So much detail and it was an absolute joy to paint. He came from West Wind too. I even left a review for this model on their website I was so impressed. As you may or may not be aware, I like a little blood, hehe, so as you can see he is sporting a fair bit of the crimson. I love everything about this model from the two heads to the huge stomping boots but my favourite parts have to be the drill and the circular saw. What a lovely array of weapons to go into battle with.

cut n gut 12

cut n gut 50

Note the severed arms.

cut n gut 3cut n gut 4cut n gut 5cut n gut 8cut n gut 28cut n gut 29cut n gut 30cut n gut 33

Argyle Cavendish. (Warrior/Smuggler/part time pilot).

This guy is only a part timer but still deserves a mention as he has saved Fendrakes life twice and also rescued Ezekiel from a fate worse than death. He was a simple conversion and paint job. I like his eye make up. Either it’s from some tribal throw back or he is a huge fan of the band KISS. He is a pirate, a smuggler, drinker, a fighter and a joker. He is also the most untrustworthy member of the crew.

argyle 1argyle 2argyle 4

The Reckoning.

The Reckoning is what the Millennium Falcon is to Han Solo and friends.

The Reckoning is nearly as old as Fendrake and just as hard working and tough.

The Reckoning was requisitioned from Traitor guards a long time ago who had stolen it from a Space Wolf Battalion.

The Reckoning, despite her age and appearance, is well maintained and respected by all of the crew.

Agatha Black is The Reckonings current pilot and sometimes Argyle Cavendish takes the reigns.

The Reckoning holds all 14 members of the Retinue, at a squeeze because of the size of Murkbody II and Cut n Gut.

reckoning 3

reckoning 22

I wanted a very simple and kind of old school sci-fi look to the ship. A little battle damage to show it’s age and the fact that it’s seen a few dog fights in it’s time. It’s not just a transporter, it’s a fighter and it’s a home for the retinue. A safe place for them all.

So there you have it, The Inquisitor and his Retinue. I had a lot of fun putting all this together, I think it shows haha. The whole project had a certain feel about it, one I can’t even really explain. Unlike a lot of my projects I was not only determined to finish it but I felt compelled to as well. 

Please comment, critique, advise etc. 

As a spin off to this project I’m thinking of doing some weird Adeptus Bounty hunter gang. However, my next project is an Imperial Guard Bastion/Fire-base terrain piece.

Thanks for reading.

retinue 6retinue 7

27 thoughts on “The ][NQUISITOR and his RETINUE – Completed Project.”

  1. Holy shit dude, you’ve turned it up to eleven with this project! I love it all! What I like most is that you have really pushed yourself creatively, both on the model front, and on the painting side, and that is a joy to see. Kudos for exiting the realms of GW, and for hitting some lead with the paint brush, (admit it… the weight of the lead feels good, right? Right?) 🙂

    I’m going to take a more fullsome look tomorrow – expect questions, like where does that awesome surgeon mini come from… and that scribe! So cool.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Cheers Alex. I always appreciate your feedback as I have a lot of respect for what you do. I really tried my absolute best with this project so in glad you recognised that. I look forward to all your questions mate.


      1. Thanks man – had a better look today and still loving this project 🙂 So can you tell me where the minis/conversion parts for Lazimir, Ezekiel and Agatha come from? I don’t recognise them :-/

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Aw, thanks man 🙂 So, second and third look, and still loving this. I have to ask – where did the models for Lazimir, Ezekiel and Agatha come from? I need them in my life!! Lazimir is my favourite I think – the skin tone you achieved is creepily excellent! I so want to paint that model… Also, well done on The Reckoning – lovely spin on what is (imo) a so-so model… you made it look good! I am now inspired to go make a ride for my RT 😉

        Liked by 1 person

  2. I’d say that was worth the wait. It’s about 4:30am, I can’t sleep for some reason, so I was incredibly pleased when I saw your article on my reader. Thoroughly enjoyed looking through your pictures, I totally agree with Alex, you can really see the passion and care that’s gone in to your work. I really enjoyed the pieces of narrative as well. I hope that’s a continuing trend for your future projects. Anyway, I shan’t right an essay now. Excellent work bud, night.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Bloody, grim, gritty and utterly brilliant. And you acted surpised when I gave you a shout out the other week. 🙂

    I’ll be returning to the post and go over the models again. And again.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. That’s a great looking crew there, the amount of thought you’ve put into each model really shows. You’ve pushed yourself creatively on all fronts and it makes the whole group shine.

    I always think the mark of a well designed Inquisitorial retinue is to ask ‘would I read a novel about these guys?’ That is to say, do we have a group of characters who would believably group together for an adventure? Secondly, as in a good novel, each character should lend something to the story of the others (so the presence of Ezekiel the scribe for instance tells us something about the ego of Julius Fendrake and so on). The inclusion of the ship is a nice touch as well, it sets the scene for the story of the group and I can imagine them all crammed together in there and the interactions and arguments that would occur as a result.

    Of course every good story needs a second chapter and a cast of villains for our ‘heroes’ (and I use the term loosely with people like Dr Killingsworth around) to struggle against. A rival inquisitor who’d love to see Fendrake brought down a peg? Or a foul heretic who’s machinations keep him just outside the Inquisitor’s grasp until all duty is forgotten and the struggle becomes a personal battle of wills? Just saying…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yay!!! I think I fixed the comment problem. Or at least found your comments had been called spam by Admin. What the shit? Anyway your comment is here and wow what a comment. It’s like you’re in my brain and make me say what I think in a better and classier and more articulate way haha. I too see it like a novel or even a movie. A lot of work and research went into each character. Thank you for your kind words man. I really, really appreciate it. I was sad when I thought there was no comment from you haha but the “Like” came up so I settled for that. Hehe.

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Wow! Incredible work, definitely worth waiting for! Whilst I won’t comment on everything individually Fendrake and his ride need a special mention, great models! (in fact, you’ve changed my opinion of that ship completely)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Remnante. I was hoping you’d like it all. I wanted the ship big enough to hold them all, which if you look it up it is designed to carry 14 men. I also wanted it to look old school, well in the future old school. Thanks for the comment.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Well Id like to build an Imperial guard Bastion/Fire-base. Thinking of getting a little more technical with the architecture. I’ve also started planning a freaky adeptus mechanicus bounty hunter Warband. Thinking to go a little nuts with the conversions. Make them a little surreal. What about yourself man?

        Liked by 1 person

  6. Weird… I wrote a very long and enthusiastic comment on this a couple of days ago but it appears to have vanished… I suspect the ][ have been at work…

    To recap my excitable gushing this is a cracking set of models – you’ve clearly pushed yourself on all fronts and it really shows. You can imagine this cast of characters working together and opening up the possibilities for a whole range of stories based around their interactions and personality clashes. The inclusion of the ship really adds something as well, it gives a context to the team and sets a stage within which one can imagine them playing out their dramas.

    I also wondered if you have any plans to create some adversaries for these characters, a rival Inquisitor or a scheming servant of Chaos perhaps?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Again, I found this comment marked as spam! Growl!
      I finished Fendrake and as soon as I looked at him I thought “pirate”. Then I thought, every pirate needs a ship, otherwise he’s just some creepy old dude who chose a wooden leg instead of an inconspicuous prosthetic leg haha. So, I had a look at all the ships in the right scale. I actually fell in love with several Forgeworld ships but it would have cost me triple what the Stormfang cost me. I liked the Stormfang straight away. Especially when I read that it could carry 14 troops. It was meant to be. I love my Star Wars and after recently seeing the new movie THREE times I thought I have to draw inspiration from the fastest ship in the Galaxy hehe.
      In regards to adversaries, YES. I am going to build an adeptus mechanicus rag tag Warband/Bounty hunter crew. Direct rivals of Fendrake. Fendrake, despite the ego, does have some steadfast morals. Whereas the Ad Mech crew are twisted externally and internally. They’ll hunt everyone and anything for the right price. Heretics or Non-Heretics. They can be bought by anyone. Roland Lamarr will be their master. Already started to do a research and development but, like with the Inquisitor project, it’ll be a while off before its finished.
      Thanks again for the comments mate.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. What! They marked me as spam! Outrage!! Serious, glad you got it fixed, you’re producing some great stuff and I’d like to express my thoughts on it beyond a simple ‘like’.

        Regarding the ship I get what you mean about the Millennium Falcon (just saw the new film for the second time so I’m not too far behind you). I’ll admit that when I wrote the comment I was thinking of Serenity from Firefly but the point stands – the ship is as much a character and a part of the story as any of the crew. Have you seen the sump diver crew John Blanche made (popped up on the ammo bunker and in a recent Visions) that also used the Stormfang as a base? Well worth checking out.

        Looking forward to seeing those Ad Mech bounty hunters 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

  7. Hey Alex, sorry your comments got marked as spam for some stupid reason and it wasn’t even my fault this time. Anyway I somehow managed to figure out how to get your comments back. So big high five!!
    Agatha Black came from “my brother vinni”.
    I’ll have to go through my internet history to find out where I purchased Lazimir and Ezekiel from. They were kind of random. I’ll get back to you. Lazimir was definitely one of my favourites to paint and the skin tone turned out a lot better than I expected.
    Thanks for the comments.


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