Ivon Lazimir – The Fluff.

I’ve decided not to do all the fluff for all the characters from my Inquisitor Retinue here https://imperialrebelork.wordpress.com/2016/01/25/the-nquisitor-and-his-retinue-completed-project/

Even though all the fluff is there in my notes for each and every character I thought I’d only share some fluff for some of my, and I hope yours too, favourite members.

Lets start with Ivon Lazimir who is a very grim fellow indeed.

Ivon Lazimir 35

Ivon Lazimir was killed in battle as a young guardsman when he was only 19. He had been hacked up and stabbed through the heart by a Dark Eldar warrior in his first hand to hand combat during the defense of Kenlon 12. Lazimir had been dead for several hours before he suddenly woke up encased in a body bag. Both of his arms were gone and a good chunk of his face ripped away. At first he was treated like a freak or a chaos daemon but then one forward thinking tech priest put forward another theory. He spoke of Plotinos the legendary Mystic who had also died in battle as a Raven Guard space marine. He had been dead for nearly three days before he awoke and when he did suddenly he could see things others couldn’t. He could predict death. He could see trouble looming. He could sense deceit.
Maybe this young guardsman was the modern day version of Plotinos? The magistrate decided to patch up the young guardsman with cybernetic arms and a new mechanical half face. Then young Lazimir was put through a series of tests. Lazimir passed every test thrown at him and no one was more surprised than he. Suddenly he had a power like no other. He could not see the future but he could feel if a decision was good or bad. He could also sense good things and bad things in people. When he met Lord Julius Fendrake at a formal gathering he sensed how good the man was despite a dark cloud hanging over him. He sensed there may have been a bad or tumultuous past but that he was not tainted by any of it. Lazimir felt compelled to join Fendrake in his quest to rid the universe of heretics. Not only did Ivon Lazimir become one of Fendrakes most trusted advisers but he also became quite a useful tool in battle as well. The young Mystic was a little twisted, due to his experience of death and has a tendency to be quite sadistic. He takes great pleasure in killing and then mutilating his victims. He is not a trained Doctor or Medic by any means but involves himself in the mending of comrades simply because he thoroughly enjoys the sight of blood, flesh and exposed guts. Like most of the retinue he is a little dark but mostly filled with light and has a grim determination to aide Fendrake in all his extermination quests.



14 thoughts on “Ivon Lazimir – The Fluff.”

  1. Nice little piece of background, very much in keeping with the vibe of 40k. And of course, whilst the servants of the Emperor may benefit from his abilities for now we all know that those who traffic with arcane powers must come to Tzeentch in the end…

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