Magnus De Leon – The Fluff

One of my personal favourites from the Retinue and Inquisitor Fendrake’s right hand man.
Magnus De Leon.
magnus deleon 18
Magnus De Leon never wanted to be anything…
He was an orphan but his late father had been, allegedly, Colonel Kleist of the Steel Legion. So it is said that he was born with a strong fighting spirit and a knack for survival. From the age of six he was alone in the universe and had to learn to look after himself. As a teenager he became a common thief and a swindler. He had become quite proficient in the art of stealing and grew to be very arrogant. Then one day, while pinching gold statuettes from a temple, he was caught red handed by none other than Fendrake, the Inquisitor.
De Leon knew of this man by reputation. The young criminal swallowed hard when the battle hardened Inquisitor glared down at him with piercing, cold eyes. “Stealing from a temple is stealing from the Emperor himself. Are you ready to die for your sin boy?” Fendrake asked the skinny runt of a boy. “I am ready to die for my crimes, I am ready to die for my emperor!” This statement caught Fendrake off guard and he could not refrain from chuckling. He appraised the boy in a different light. De Leon’s chest was puffed out and his chin was raised high. Fendrake had no doubt that this odd little fellow was clearly ready to die for his dishonorable deeds.
“How old are you son?” Fendrake asked.  “I am nearly 16 sir. Old enough.” Again, Fendrake chuckled and felt warmed by this boys sense of honor. “
“You’ll pay off your debt to the Emperor by working for me now boy.”
With that, Fendrake took the young Magnus De Leon under his wing as his very first apprentice. It wasn’t long before De Leon proved himself worthy to be in Fendrake’s retinue. Only a few months after their chance meeting they found themselves cornered by burly, well armed smugglers. They had been tracking the smugglers for two weeks and thought they had them cornered but the tables turned when a mysterious tip off alerted the smugglers to whom was on their tail. Fendrake and De Leon, who was only armed with a short sword, took on all 8 smugglers. Back to back they fought gallantly, master and apprentice, and killed every single smuggler that day. It wasn’t until after the battle that Fendrake realised his young comrade had sustained a vicious looking wound to his left eye. Fendrake paid the best tech surgeon he could find top dollar to replace the dead eye with a new and improved cybernetic eye. De leon had proven to Fendrake that he was more, much more, than just some poor lost orphan boy. The two became close friends and Fendrake saw De Leon almost as a son. The only thing that concerned Fendrake was the young apprentices apparent love and thirst for battle and death. Despite this, the pair would go on to have many adventures and De Leon would prove to be Fendrake’s most loyal servant.

6 thoughts on “Magnus De Leon – The Fluff”

    1. Thanks Alex. I’m struggling to find a number one fave but this guy is high up on the list. At first I thought he might of been a bit lame due to the very basic conversion but he just worked. The angle of the head is spot on for me, the skin tone and the white streak just fitted in with who I imagined him to be. Always appreciate your feedback man.

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