Castle/Fort/Bastion/Firebase “thing”

This last week has been MANIC to say the least in regards to how busy my life has been.


There wasn’t a whole load of time for the blessed hobby. However, like most of you i’m sure, I managed to squeeze some time in and made a start on my Imperial Guard Castle/fort/bastion/firebase “thing”.

I didn’t really have a plan, just an idea of roughly what I wanted. It’s made entirely from cork tiles (love that stuff). Although I will be adding a large door made from, i don’t know what yet?

It has parapets, an inner office/keep/supply room, steps, possibly a turret or watch tower and I am also considering a kind of gatehouse section.

Once finished it should look rather formidable on the battlefield. Not sure on colour yet. Maybe a dark “Cadian” green. I want it to look a little rugged but far from being ruins. It will look strong and almost impenetrable.

Here’s a question for you all, should I make flags or would that be shite?

I was tempted to put up some WIP pix but NO DAMMIT…

Instead I will give you these to enjoy.

The first pic just made me giggle and the second pic I stumbled across while searching the world, via the web, for inspiration. I really want to eat it.






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