Projects for 2016.

This could be wishful thinking for “distracted” is one of my many middle names.

For 2016 I am hoping to complete the following projects.

  1. Inquisitor and his Retinue. Already completed. I just added this one to make me feel like I’m already ticking jobs off the list.
  2. Imperial Guard Castle/Fort/Bastion/Firebase “thing”. Already made a start.
  3. Adeptus Mechanicus Bounty Hunters.
  4. Scrappers. Another bounty hunter crew.
  5. Finish Hurons Wastelanders from 2015.
  6. Finish my Brotherhood of Disorder Chaso Warband from 2015.
  7. Finish the Storenfreid. German Ork army and Fortress from 2015.
  8. Blud Letta Klan. New Ork project for 2016.
  9. Finish my 77th Cadian Army. I started this many moons ago.
  10. Finish The Vengeful Few. A rogue Space Marine Posse. Not quite Heretic. Just very naughty and disobedient.

wow. Now I see them all down on digital paper I see I am being quite ambitious. Well I’m sticking to it so let’s see how much I get completed.

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