That’s what friends are for



I am lucky enough to have three best mates in my life. We are all high school buddies and twenty years on we are all still very close. We were your regular crew of mates growing up. We had long hair, a punk metal band and a bizarre sense of humour.

One of my mates is very supportive of my hobby and always reads the blog. In fact he was the one who suggested I create the blog. For my last birthday, which we share coincidentally, he drew me the below art piece. It’s of my favourite model so far. The Butcher from 2015. He is very talented.



Another mate is not interested in the hobby at all but he said he likes that I’m into it haha.

The third mate, who I don’t get to see as much as I’d like to, used to be into the hobby in a big way. Like a lot of us he went a little nuts with it but then just stopped. I guess life just took over. He is a family man and has quite a high intense job. He even carries a gun. He is basically Black Ops. Anyway last night, just before we all went off to see Deadpool. Awesome by the way. He gave me his Tau army with Kroots. Plus some old school white dwarf magazines. Needless to say, I’m quite excited. I’m thinking conversions of course but also some new reKROOTS for my Gue Vesa army. Yayyyyyyy!!!!

I am very lucky to have the pals I have.

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