Sneak Preview – Bounty Hunter Scavenger Gang

I’ve had some time to get stuck into my Bounty Hunter Scavenger Gang. Haven’t got a name for the crew yet. I was thinking

The Scrappers. Thoughts?

This fellow wasn’t panned to be honest. I was experimenting with a few ideas for something else and then thought hmmm he actually works for the Scrappers. His fluff is funny and kind of sad. More of that when I do the proper post though. I’ll give you a bit of a clue on the fluff, he has a severe case of Hoarding for good reason.

His name is Balthor:


17 thoughts on “Sneak Preview – Bounty Hunter Scavenger Gang”

  1. He certainly sets an interesting silhouette! I’ve always found it really difficult to use Necron bits on human scale figures, and I think you might find the same here – the legs might be just a smidge too long for the torso… We’ll have to see when he’s painted 😉

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    1. I’ve snipped off the umm… Dangly bits haha. I thought that as well, at first but then I thought about his fluff and his character. He’s a scavenger/collector/hoarder so him loping over scrap and junkyards with these long daddy long leg type things works for me. He’s also a little nutty and eccentric so, again, the look kind of suits his character.

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  2. He looks like a very interesting character 🙂
    I quite like the oddness of the long bionic legs; It gives a “one size fits none” aesthetic. Whilst an old computer mouse might be considered holy archeotech, advanced bionics that bind to the wearers skeletal system and nerves are a penny for a dozen, mass produced and overstocked due to some weird logistical decree. They’re easy to get hold of and easy to “fit”, but not exactly ideal for anyone.
    On another note, I liked the bones too, especially the way they fit in the cloth. Maybe add a skull or something instead? I got a macabre collector vibe from him because of the bones on his waist and the head on his shield.
    I’m looking forward to reading his background!

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    1. Macabre collector vibe is what I was going for. I’ve kept the bones but they’re now hanging from his hip. Once I “saw” them I couldnt unsee them hehe. Thanks for the comment mate. I always appreciate your feedback. I’ve finished all the modelling and converting. Now it’s painting time. I’ve also got a surprise for this crew. I’m a bit nervous about it as its a scratch build. Gulp.

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  3. Usually I’d agree with Alex on this – the era in which we had to use Necron bits for all the bionics was a dark age indeed (mind you they fit Space Marines pretty well). However I do like the way he appears to be some kind of human flea, bouncing across the landscape on his spindly, springy legs. He certainly has one of the weirdest silhouette I’ve seen on a human figure, he really shouldn’t work based on the sum of his parts but somehow he still does. I like him 🙂

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    1. Yay!! I’m glad you like him. He’s grown on me too. As mentioned he was kind of a surprise. I was experimenting for something else and when I stood back and looked at him I thought wow how ugly and wrong does he look? He kind of reminds me of this spindly legged elephants Dali painted. I imagine him to be
      hermit-like. The legs would be work well for what he needs them for. Cheers for the comment mate.

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  4. Well he works for me mate, I think he should look the business once painted up, and looking forward to seeing the rest of the crew.

    I know what you mean though once someone points something out to you, you cant help seeing that every time you look at it.

    Cheers Roger.

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