2nd Sneak preview – Bounty Hunter Scavenger Gang.

It’s decided, this particular Bounty Hunter Gang will be officially called… The Scrappers.

I like the name for four reasons.

  1. They deal in scrap. Actual scrap, as in metal, mechanical bits and bobs, old wiring, bones, crockery and discarded electrical items etc.
  2. They also deal in another type of scrap. The dregs of society, villains, baddies, heretics, whatever you’d like to call them.
  3. They get into “scraps”, fights.
  4. They are scrappy looking and scrappy by nature.


Since my last post on The Scrappers my level of productivity has gone through the roof. I had a couple of days at home and also a few late nights and have just about finished the entire crew. I even added a couple more models, taking the tally to 9 bounty hunters. One of the new additions is a little mascot/sidekick fellow for one of the crew members. The other is a huge Robot, inspired by Dreadnoughts, Killer Kans and The Iron Giant movie. He’s very different and built entirely from scratch so I am a bit nervous to reveal him haha. Just bear in mind he is meant to look “SCRAPPY” and I don’t mean like Scooby Doo’s Nephew.

Due to the Robots “stance” I needed a customized and suitable base. Now the whole model will be more like a small diorama but I’m ok with that. Here’s the teaser.



X marks the spot for where the Robot will be positioned.

I’m hoping to have the BIG REVEAL of The Scrappers this weekend so stay tuned kids.


10 thoughts on “2nd Sneak preview – Bounty Hunter Scavenger Gang.”

      1. That’s a bloody good idea. I was looking for an excuse to make more character based Warbands or gangs hehe. Much more fun than painting one generic Guardsman after another. Although I do need to get that done too.

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  1. Less of a base, more of a battlefield! Looks really good and I’m looking forward to seeing the robot…
    Also, what’s the main body of the base made from, I really like the texture effect it’s got…

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    1. Thanks man. It’s cork tile. So easy to work with and looks fantastic once painted and dry brushed. Have a look at some of my terrain posts. Chapel, Death Church in particular. The other good thing about Cork Tiles is the price. $6.00 for a pack of 6 300×300 tiles. That’s aussie dollars anyway.

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    1. Thanks Alex. I’m excited but a little nervous. Only because the Robot isn’t exactly professional looking but that’s kind of the point I guess. He’s meant to look scrappy like they threw him together over a BBQ and a few ales hehe.

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