The Scrappers – Bounty Hunter Crew.

I’ve been busy working away on this motley crew for the last couple of weeks. The idea of making a rag tag bounty hunter crew came to me quite a while ago but really became a solid plan while working on Inquisitor Fendrake and his Retinue.

Whereas Fendrake’s retinue is quite righteous and semi-polished looking, this new crew are your stereotypical mean, angry, dirty, discarded, brutal bunch of money hungry and blood thirsty bounty hunters.

The leader of the crew is an extremely dominant, violent and arrogant warrior of old.  Some say he is well past his used by date, but they say it very quietly to themselves, in the dead of night, under the blankets, when no one could possibly hear them. He is grizzled, battle damaged and not all there in the head but he doesn’t know fear and he always leads from the front. His only true love is money. His only weakness is Ale.

He is simply known as Uncle.


Note the “A” (Anarchy) Tattoo on his upper right arm in the below pic. Like many of us back in the day he was a bit of a rebellious Punk.



The eyes aren’t the best. I’m still struggling with eyes but they’re passable and a little crazy looking hehe.



Every good leader needs a Lieutenant, a right hand man. Ducky (no one knows his real name, although there was a rumour that it was Alice but Ducky killed that rumour and the person who voiced it) is Uncles 2ic and a very reliable one at that. He is Uncles only real friend, unless of course you count that time when Ducky sold Uncles son to Slave traders. That incident is long forgotten now though. Ducky has been with Uncle for over 30 years and together the pair have had many wild adventures. They’ve even been in prison together. Uncle escaped and two months later he attacked the prison with six other chaps to rescue Ducky. Uncle and Ducky managed to get away but the six hired guns were all killed. Ducky is extremely loyal and even gave Uncle one of his Kidneys when Uncle became ill. They are inseparable and also share a very wicked sense of humour. Ducky is a true warrior and even fancies himself as a bit of barbarian.


Note the customized Kroot long range rifle.


Note the customized mini-flamer.



Scab-Givva is not what you’d expect to find in a human bounty hunter crew. He kind of stands out, not only because he is an Ork but also because he is a very rare Albino Ork. He was once a Warboss and is not the sharpest tool in the shed due to the 1000’s of times he has been in battle. All he really understands is money and mating with anyone or anything. He is a ferocious adversary when in hand to hand battle but couldn’t shoot straight to save his life. He is well liked in the crew but no one trusts him. He is greedy and selfish and pretty much all the things Orks are but he is also very protective of those he likes, which are few.


Note the Terminator armour and also the custom mounted lasrifle. Also, didn’t come up too well in the pix but there is a cigar in his mouth.



Kaze (Pronounced Kar-Zee) is named after the Japanese Kamikaze. He is Scab-Givva’s little grot mascot/sidekick. Not much to know about this annoying little prick apart from the fact that he flies a bomb and drops stikk grenades as he does. His dream and life ambition is to fly straight into the enemy and blow them up, killing as many of them as he can. There is one problem though, Karzi is a huge coward! Many, many times he has been flying his little rocket straight at the enemies front lines, or a stronghold and each time he has jumped out to safety before the bomb has hit the target. He is not well liked by any of the crew including Scab-Givva. He is mistreated by everyone at every chance and is everyone’s slave. He likes to sing sad drawn out love songs but as his voice is high pitched, out of key and doesn’t sound too dissimilar from a cat being run over, he doesn’t get to do it much at all. He loves Scab-Givva and looks to him for protection, support and advice of which he receives none.



Rankin Doomsayer is the charismatic, dashing, good looking (in a wild ganger type way) and the most psychopathic in the crew. He once turned up to a work function wearing the skin of his flat mate. He enjoys battle immensely and enjoys telling anyone with ears about his exploits and victories. Allegedly he has been in the Emperors throne room but most don’t believe a lot of what comes out of his mouth. He is an amateur butcher and thoroughly enjoys practicing on dead foes. He skins them then hacks them up into meal size portions. He collects the skulls and prefers leaving them a little bloody rather than bleaching them like most do for trophies. The only thing he seems to love more than butchery is his hair. His high styled purple Mohawk with long swishing ponytail is quite a sight to be seen, especially on the battlefield.



Harkyn is the only Bounty hunter with a pure and good heart in the crew. He has a family to look after but he rarely sees them as he is addicted to work and the hunt. He is also an explorer and has traveled further and deeper into more galaxies than any of his comrades. Harkyn is 100% soldier. Meaning he lives and breathes and kills by a certain code. He is highly disciplined and motivated to succeed in all that he sets out to do. He is a trained medic and demolitions expert. Harkyn can also fly just about any space craft. he is an extremely useful member in the crew and to Uncle.


Note the sidearm below.



Vasily Sing comes from a long line of marksmen and warriors. He is quietly spoken and a quiet achiever. Vasily is also a very cold and calculated killer. He would much prefer to spend weeks at a time stalking his prey and wait for that perfect single kill shot than charge headlong into battle. That said, if Uncle ordered him into hand to hand combat he would not hesitate. He is self disciplined, confident and modest. He has done time in prison but does not talk about it. He is the most recent addition to the crew and has already earned the respect of Uncle and the rest of the team. Vasily Sing, like Harkyn, is a true soldier warrior but is also a highly skilled hunter of all things that bleed.


Note the bow strapped to his back.



Balthor the Scavenger. I was a bit unsure about this guy at first when I made the model. I thought the legs looked a little strange but then when I developed his fluff and imagined him loping over scrap and junkyards with his daddy long-leg look legs I liked him. He is the oldest in the crew and also the most unhinged. He is a hermit but was coaxed into working for the crew by Uncle who needed a scavenger. Someone who could get anything and everything. Balthor has a severe obsessive compulsive disorder and is an extreme hoarder. Twenty years ago while working on a scrap barge, Eldar pirates attacked his small vessel. he put up a brave fight along with his work mate but was easily overcome. The pirates beheaded Balthors workmate but with him they slowly cut him in half from just below the naval. They laughed wickedly as he writhed around the deck screaming for his legs. After nearly a year in hospital and not having any family or any money he became just another faceless amputee on the streets. He was so traumatised by the evnts on the barge and at losing his legs that he started to hord things. He didn’t want to part with anything from old toothbrushes to empty food cans. He scavenged the streets and kept just about everything he found. He managed to fashion himself a pair of legs from some old Necron parts he found at a waste-yard. They were awkward and a bit twitchy but after a lot of practice they got him mobile again. Balthor is quite a skilled fighter and has a very vicious and ferocious style but he would prefer not to have to fight. Instead he prefers to collect and tinker. He built Karzi’s rocket and also Scab-Givva’s mounted Lasrifle among other things. Even though Balthor has a deep fear of losing things he is one of the most generous of people and is always willing to lend things out as long as they bring them back. if they don’t he can work himself up into quite a rage.


The banner is not meant to represent anything. It’s just an old torn banner Balthor could not part with and felt compelled to carry around with him.


Note the bionic left eye. I made this from the end of a lasrifle barrel. I was quite pleased with it because I had to dig/carve out a hole in his face so it sat properly.



B.O.B: Stands for Broken. Obedient. Bot.

Bob is a very slapped together servitor. Balthor built Bob to be a helper for himself but the rest of the crew adopted him as well to help them with a myriad of different jobs. Eg cleaning guns, skinning bodies and being a human shield. Bob is mostly made from an old Vox-Caster. His arms came from a dead Eldar warrior (bit of payback from Balthor) and his legs were swapped with a scrap merchant for six tins of beef and a Tyre iron. Bob is Balthor’s best friend.




Ok so a little warning should be made here. The below is my first attempt at a scratch build. It is meant to look scrappy and junky to suit this particular bounty hunter crew. Balthor and Bob threw this robotic monster together so needless to say it’s rough hehe. I thoroughly enjoyed putting him together and basically made it up as I went along. I had a pile of scrappy bits of old models and sprues and just thought, why not? The only bit i’m not too sure about is the head. It looks a bit stock standard so maybe a transplant down the track. let me know what yo think but please go easy on me haha.

I was inspired by Dreadnoughts, Killer Kans and the movie The Iron Giant.


Warspite: (Named after British WW1 battleship/dreadnought)

He is used as brute force to knock down walls, doors and barricades. To lay down a steady barrage of firepower. To rummage through heavy scrap metal.


As you’ll see below, Warspite is leaping over the broken gangway. His left foot is the only point of contact to the base. The right foot hovers just above the gangway.


He is big, he is clunky, he is dangerous, he is Warspite!


Some terrain pix of the base that Warspite is loping across.



I thoroughly enjoyed putting this crew together and it has inspired me to do more character based projects.

I hope you have enjoyed getting to know them and as always your thoughts are appreciated.


The Scrappers.






37 thoughts on “The Scrappers – Bounty Hunter Crew.”

  1. Dude… you are certifiably 100% batshit bonkers… Albino Orks that like to f**k? Scavenged Necron bionics? Arms taken from a dead Eldar? Cannibal butchers? Giant scrap robots? Wow… mind blown… love it! 😀

    Liked by 2 people

      1. 🙂 I think the hunter with the bow & slouch hat is probably my fave – it’s a trope that appeals for some reason! That said, each one had got something remarkable going on, and what an impact as a group! Awesome.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. The hunter took me back to those old black and white movies where hunters went into the deepest darkest parts of Africa. He also reminds me of that hunter guy on Jurassic Park. The one who says “clever girl” when flanked by a Raptor just before he is killed. The aim was to make them all very colourful characters. The weakest link is probably Harkyn but I guess he represents the true soldier element.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Morning ol’ boy, yet again some ace work. You’ve brought out some really great characters in this one. Liking the shot style as well. I feel your pain with the eyes, despite Booker being an Ogryn I still struggled with his as well. Excellent work, looking forward to whatever warped monstrosities you think of next!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Another great group! I love all the different armour types scattered throughout the group. My particular favourites are Harkyn and BOB, I like the firsts professional, overburdened look and BOB is nicely grim and patchy. Warspite looks fantastic too, although I definitely think it needs a head transplant! The space marine helmet is just too iconic to fit in as anything but what it is. The little collection of shields above it’s head is a nice detail, it looks as though it’s had a very long history 🙂
    This was definitely worth the wait!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. A loooooong history for Warspite would be correct. The space marine head is definitely coming out but I’m not sure what to use. Any ideas? I did think to use a dreadnought head but, again, I thought that might be too standard as well. I think a human head wouldn’t look quite right either. Thanks for your comments mate. I always look forward to them and appreciate them. Cheers

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hmm… How about going with the trusty skull/bunch of skulls head? Or maybe a sensor array of some description? You could always make it like the killa kan heads, which is just a little slit to see through. That’d leave it nice and mysterious to what’s going on in there.
        I forgot to mention the albino ork last time, I love that concept!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Now that’s a very good idea, ie the slit. Now my brains ticking. I think the Albino Ork was a favourite. Id had the idea for him for quite some time. I’ve always though albino mice with the red eyes were cool looking but creepy.

        Liked by 1 person

  4. Well mate it was worth the wait (and all the teasers!) Loving the Orks – a few untrustworthy bloodaxe types always add a bit of old school charm to any gang of (mostly) human mercenaries. And wouldn’t we all want a best friend like B.O.B?

    As for Warspite – he’s magnificent, especially for a first attempt at scatchbuilding (someday I’ll show my first go at something like this. It’s flawed to say the least…). My only issues are the upper part of the left leg (his left, our right). Maybe add something in behind the wolf-skull so there’s not a gap? Or add a nest of cables etc to show where an armour panel has been torn away during some particularly hard fighting?

    I’m also liking the way you’ve tweaked the wolf skull to make it more robotic. Tending to agree with you that the head needs a change- it makes me think of a walker with a pilot (ala the Tau) or a giant dreadnaught (not sure how happy a Space Marine hero would be to find himself in there!) rather than a giant robot. Completely agree with Remnante that a Space Marine head is too iconic for this – you can put a different head on a Space Marine but you can’t put a Space Marine head on anything else (it’s a universal law!) Maybe turn the wolf-skull from the leg into the face instead? Would be a neat visual reference to the Warhound titans with their dog-like snouts.

    However these are just my thoughts – the whole thing is gloriously, impressively mad, well done!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks mate. When I finsihed the unfinished looking left leg I stared at it for ages. The first thought I had is maybe some rusty pipes or dirty cables. Then I started to like the look of it. It made the whole model look unmaintained or neglected. It also looked like a really bad weak spot proving that the crew really didn’t care too much about old Warspite. I kind of still like it like that but if anything will add some cables. Maybe cut cables dangling from the leg would look cool. The head is coming out but I just don’t know what head to use. I think a human head wouldn’t work for the overall look. Decisions, decisions. Hehe. As for the universal law… Hmmm, I’ve always been a law breaker not a law maker or abider hehe. Now I feel determined to put the space marine head in a Catachan hahahaha. How silly would that look? Thanks for all your feedback man. I get s little rush when I see you’ve commented haha.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I see what you mean about the leg, it certainly adds to the feeling that this is not a well-maintained, lovingly cared for war-machine but a blunt instrument of destruction. Ultimately it’s your call of course, but I reckon some cut cables or broken pipes might add to the effect and make it look more like a functional weakness (the kind of thing the crew might keep saying they’re going to repair but somehow never getting around to).

        As for the head I think something blunt and beastlike would do the business. That way it ties in to the warmachines of the Imperium and avoids looking too orky. As a quick and straightforward solution how about the head from an Imperial Knight? You should be able to pick one up as a spare off ebay.

        Liked by 1 person

  5. Great work on these guys. You’ve really got that grungy, dirty, well-worn look down on them. Good to see your freehand coming along as well with the tattoos and eyes. More tattoos on these guys, please! Finally, I love the rusted …thing that you’re using as terrain/scenery background. Your regular scenery is clearly improving with the different colour elements, but that rusted thing looks amazing and adds a lot to the atmosphere of your photos.


  6. Awesome crew. Uncle and B.O.B. are fantastic figures. They really remind me of the ramshackle days of Rogue Trader, where the whole of the 40K universe felt like a sci-fi experiment where anything could be done. BOB is just nuts, but I really like the use of Space Marine legs on Uncle – it gives him a real scrapper kind of feel, and reinforces the idea that he lives a real universe where someone would have figured out how to put some form of powered armor on real people, not just Astartes.

    Liked by 1 person

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