Sneak Preview – The Judicators

First let me say that this Warband is not the Judicators from AOS. I just really dig the name and it suits this Warband perfectly. However, I will be using a AOS Judicator head on one of the models.

The Basic Fluff is:

A dishonoured group of justice court officials turn rogue.

They have taken the law to a whole new level. They track, hunt, capture, trial and execute anyone they feel has done wrong in some big or small way. There’s no prison term for these “criminals”. It’s basically death or torture and believe me those that are tortured wish for death.

There is a Judge. He’s the leader of the pack. Heres a glimpse.


Theres the Jury. I’ve made 9 so far and need to make another three.

Here’s some.


Theres also the Executioners and the Baliffs (guards).

Im still developing the fluff but I’ve worked out the colour scheme.

Im quite pumped about this new project that came out of nowhere haha. I was literally staring at my Sprues and the idea just came to me haha. Crazy!

26 thoughts on “Sneak Preview – The Judicators”

  1. Oh yes! Judge, jury and executioner is such a good idea for a gang. The teasers are very good but I’m looking forward to seeing this properly. Please say the judge will have a powdered wig and a hammer for a weapon!

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  2. Seeings how their a band of renegade court officials how about a couple of psychotic and overworked clerks or recorders? Signing death warrants attached to explosives…every down trodden civil servants dream cone true…

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  3. Brilliant idea! Love the idea of a whole courtroom taking off across the galaxy on a quest for demented justice! Absolutely agree with Remnante though – the judge needs a wig and gavel. Think you’re right about using one of the little dwarf hammers as the latter but I’m scratching my head on the former. I’ve seen it done before but only in greenstuff (and it looks crazy hard!) Will put my mind to the question of where one can be found though…

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