Adeptus Mechanicus Warband – modelling complete.

Ive finished the modelling for two warbands this week. Modelling is, by far, my favourite part of the hobby.

  1. The Judicators. (Not AOS Judicators).
  2. Mechanicus Warband. (No specific name just yet).

The Mechanicus Warband is only small but as I thoroughly enjoyed putting it together I will no doubt add more recruits later down the track. I actually found this little project quite challenging but one of the most enjoyable. Challenging because I didn’t really know what I was doing haha. I felt a little lost with what bits to use but I am happy with the end result. I wanted it to be a different and quirky.

When I’ve painted them up I will do a proper post with all the fluff.


11 thoughts on “Adeptus Mechanicus Warband – modelling complete.”

  1. Another fantastic group. I can’t believe how quickly you’re doing these, and to such a high standard as well! They look so devolved. I can see evolution taking a big downturn within the mechanicus, from rad poisoning and pollutants. The weak are kept alive through bionics and technology so the corrupt genes are constantly passed down. I need to see more pictures! :p

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    1. Hehe thanks man. I don’t know why the sudden increase in productivity. I can only put it down to the amount of inspiration I get from other blogs such as yours. I also think I particularly enjoyed this one and the Judicators one.

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      1. Well I’m loving it! And don’t discredit yourself, your ideas are highly original and I know I’ve taken my fair share of inspiration from them 🙂 I’m really looking forward to seeing your Judicators.

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