Random hobby projects

imageimageimageYesterday I did a whole bunch of odd jobs for random hobby projects.

  1. I started building a Chaos Chariot for my Bloodreaver army. This chariot will be pulled along by the undead.
  2. I put together a Rengade Brute for my Traitor Guard army (Wastelanders).
  3. I made a wig out of wire and flock for the Judge for my Judicators. Some of you may know what I’m referring to here. It actually turned out better than I thought so I’m looking forward to seeing it painted.
  4. I also built the leader of my Mechanicus Warband. His name is Günther Lamarr. He is pictured above. He was fun to build. Like with most of my models there was no real plan. I just started throwing stuff together. I still want to add a bit more to him but so far so good. I think?