More recruits for the traitor guard

I’m loving making these guys. It’s kind of addictive. Much like the hobby in general.

Im experimenting a bit more.

The first bunch are cut/carved from the cultist models and I’ve different arms and heads etc. I quite like the skull head actually. He’s another muscled but dumb brute.


This next model I wanted to photograph separately. For me, he’s a bit of stand out. He’s a traitor guard partially undead veteran. Don’t ask me how he’s only partially undead haha. Just somewhere between alive and dead and completely soulless. In the style of the movie Face Off I gave this guy a face transplant. It worked better than expected. When I paint him I plan on making him look a little like The Toxic Avenger. For those of you that are not old enough to know what that/he is, he’s a mutated toxic effected super hero!!


13 thoughts on “More recruits for the traitor guard”

    1. Thanks Odie. It’s so much fun and I find it relatively easy to do. I guess that’s why I’ve been trying to think outside the square a little more and have used bits I wouldn’t usually use. There will be more traitors coming!


  1. I can really see a big improvement in your modelling lately. The top four are looking really solid, the rank and file of the dark gods ready to be fed to the guns of the heartless Imperium! The rather muscular one with the skull face is a particular favourite. My only slight tweak would be to raise the head of the one on the far right – perhaps with a small ball of greenstuff under the neck – to make him look less hunched. However it’s a small thing and I reckon he’s probably fine without it.

    As for your friend with the hook at the bottom – you’ve really pulled out all the stops there. A very nice, cohesive model with a strong sense of movement and direction – even though I assume he’s only shuffling. My only criticism (and you probably knew I was going to say this) is the winged-skull on his canteen. Not saying it needs to go altogether but some gentle defacing wouldn’t hurt! Otherwise looking really good – these may be the best things you’ve shown yet (but then I am biased by my love of traitor guard!)

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    1. Wow, my best so far?! Thank you sir. I wasn’t expecting that. I’m happy with them and I am happy that I have stepped out of my own rules a bit. I’ve been more free form with the modelling. I completely forgot about the winged skull on the “shufflers” canteen but as Ram says its be kind of cool to keep it there. However I will fade it. Do I do that by just shaving off a layer? As far as the hunched guy, my intention was to have him hunched hehe but the head could possibly be raised a little. Thanks mate. I always wait with bated breath to read your comments. Cheers.


  2. These are going to look so good when they’re all together! The skull faced guy is so cool/gruesome. The comparatively tiny head really emphasises his bulk.
    But my favourite is by far the shuffler, what a great model! I’d say leave the aquila on his canteen, it paints a rather tragic story of a loyal guardsman trapped within the confines of his own head. As his body is rotted and twisted by the whims of chaos he can do nothing but watch as his traitorous hands gut his old friends. He tied a rope around his own mouth to stop the constant screaming. He’s a puppet with a brain.

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    1. Hehe mate you’re so good with words! Love it. You’ve painted a great picture of the “shuffler”. I still have lots of bits and bobs to play with, so more guards to make. I have so many models to paint now but I’m really enjoying the modelling so the painting can wait.

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    1. Thank you Heresy. I quite like the idea of having colours that resemble standard cadians or ironguard or even praetorian uniforms. They’ll all be quite drab and dirty looking though. I do enjoy painting but modelling is so much more fun. Thanks for you comments man.

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      1. I would have to agree. I get stuck in a modelling frenzy and find it hard to get painting, but once I do I really enjoy the painting. It just doesn’t last as long as the modelling 🙂 Here’s to too many grey bits and ideas, and definitely not enough time!🍺

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