The Coronatore

For my rogue Judicators project. See here…

I thought the addition of a Coroner would be kind of cool. Someone to collect and/or dispose of the body and document the death.

Now im thinking it would also be cool to make some grubby low life grave diggers and an Undertaker too. So watch this space.

In the mean time let me introduce you to The Coronatore (The Coroner).



17 thoughts on “The Coronatore”

  1. That’s cool. I had thought about contacting Migs and proposing a funeral procession group to their Pilgrym Project, but I don’t think I would have the time to put something like that together. This is very much along the same lines of thinking.

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      1. It’s a tool that scrapes the lines off – not a knife ๐Ÿ™‚ It sounds like a rip-off gimmick, (I always refused to buy one), but I was gifted on and they are really good!

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  2. Love it! The hand is a great detail. I imagine that he has disposed of a body that maybe wasn’t completely dead, perhaps knowingly. An individual who wronged the court and had to pay the price. He is forgotten and marked as legally dead but in truth he is buried in a shallow grave, awaiting slow, torturous death by starvation. I suppose any punishment is feasible to a renegade court. Very cool!

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