The Collaborative Blog

Hi all.

Just wanted to let everyone know that myself and Remnante from…

Are going to start collaborating on some projects.

Not too sure, at this stage, how it will pan out as he is on one side of the planet and has a busy life and I am on the other side of the same planet with an equally busy life. Not to mention we will both keep plugging away at our own individual blogs.

So, with the odds stacked against us, we thought we’d give it a go anyway. We both love converting miniatures and we both love 40k, even though neither of us know the rules or have played it much at all. HA!

Here is the link to the new blog.

Nothing there yet and it may be a while before anything pops up, if at all, but please follow it to see what our two warped, over excited and imaginative minds could possibly come up with hehe.



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