Slaugh and Mumbles

Some believe Slaugh and Mumbles are myth. Nightmarish legends of which stories are told to instill fear into people to ensure they always stay in the light in more ways than one.

Not too much is known about the pair. Only that they are never apart and that they hunt the unattainable. They linger in the dark and wait for years to pounce. They are possessed by the darkest of evils and they can find you in life and in death.

I can tell you, from experience, that Slaugh and Mumbles are very much real and tangible.

I don’t want to go into too much detail, not on such a public as this but trust me friends they are real.

In my haste to escape from them, no easy feat, I managed to snap off a few pix of the never before seen demonic duo.

Not sure where or how these guys will fit into any of my projects just yet. In loosely thinking they could fit in somehow to The Judicators. Let me know your ideas.



Slaugh is the one on top and Mumbles is the beast.

The thing sticking out from Slaugh is half a skeletal arm.

I melted Mumbles face on the gas stove to create his mangled looking face. I also melted his right stump to push in the large axe.


12 thoughts on “Slaugh and Mumbles”

    1. The Grave Digger is for the Judicators project. This guy I think will be a part of the same project but i’m just not sure what role he will play? Any ideas? Thanks for your comments mate, I always appreciate your feedback.

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  1. Another brilliant model! Is Slaugh another of those partially undead we keep hearing about? Perhaps they could be used as a terror weapon for the judicators? Stumbling in the dark, groaning and shrieking, lop-sided silhouette on the flaking hive walls. Unnerving the guilty, making them paranoid and restless. In truth though, they’re just an animate corpse tied to a dull brute.

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