Two armies and some question marks ?

As many of you have noticed I have been submitting lots of random-ish posts. That’s because, like many of you, I am not happy to focus on just one project at a time.

As well as the random-ish projects I have been working, behind the scenes, on two fantasy armies. A BloodReaper Horde (Yes Bloodreaper not bloodreaver, although there are a lot of bloodreavers in it) and an army I have fondly started calling The Emperors Light.

More on all this another time.

I have some questions I am hoping some of you might be able to assist me with.

  1. Best alternative models for Bretonnia? Particularly Men-At-Arms and Bowmen. At this stage I’m liking the offerings from Fireforge and Perry Miniatures but are there any others? I’m only really after Plastics, unless there are some absolute stand out models that dont cost an arm and a leg per model. Or should I say, a man at arm and a leg Bahh.
  2. I know GW is Hero Scale and another blooger on here has already told me that Fireforge is an almost perfect fit but what is the scale like between Fireforge and Perry Miniatures? Can they work with each other as well as with GW?
  3. Will Bretonnian Horses be a lot smaller compared to Chaos Knights/Marauders horses? So far I’ve only been able to go by pix on the web.

Size does matter.


Thank you in advance for any intelligent insights and/or answers.

Kind regards,



19 thoughts on “Two armies and some question marks ?”

      1. Honestly, I don’t know for sure, but I know that the Perry twins did the original Brets… I wouldn’t be surprised if the scale was the same (or so close as makes no difference)

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  1. Kings of war are a pretty good match for the old 90’s GW Bretoinians (not sure if they have grown since as haven’t kept up with GW figs sorry), I believe the Northstar frostgrave plastics are a little bigger, but it depends on just how exacting you want to be (people are slightly different sizes after all).

    Cheers Roger.

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  2. Also don’t discount metal entirely, warrior miniatures in the UK do some a small range, nice stuff that might be of use, compatible with GW and £1.00 a fig (infantry). See links below…

    postage is 50% worldwide but that’s still only £1.50 a fig

    also Foundry

    though the figs are quite a bit dearer, nearer GW prices.

    Hope this helps, cheers Roger.

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  3. If you’re comfortable with historical figures then you could check out Black Tree Designs. I find their WWII chaps are only a little shorter an a GW Guardsman, and not too skinny looking. (My Germans have been press-ganged into Chaos cultist squads on occassion …)

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    1. Hmmm. Looks to me like the Fireforge mounts are a tad small compared to GW. Perry looks good though. I’m thinking to buy a box from both suppliers. One is bound to be ok. If not, I’ll still pint up the ones I don’t use. Maybe for a diorama or use their limbs for severed pieces on a battlefield hehe. Thanks again mate.

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