Experimenting with Nurgle part 1.

One day, maybe at the end of this year or even early next year, I want to make a Nurgle Legion.

They’re vile and grotesque and just so down right ugly how could I not want to do something with them?

Having never done anything Nurgle Based before I plan on experimenting a bit beforehand with a few things. Painting techniques, greenstuff and melting plastic.

Today I built and painted some plague bearers because I wanted to see how I went with skin tones, pustules and open sores.

Wudugast from


Suggested that I go for purple-blue tones as opposed to the stereotypical green. I decided to do a bit of both and started with a pale green and then built up layers by dry brushing darker greens, purples, light brown and a little blue. Then I followed up with scab red for a bruised look. The pustules were difficult but when I washed with Crimson and then dry brushed with blood they turned out ok. Not amazing but ok. I’m quite happy with my first attempts but looking at the photos I can definitely see I need to improve. A stand out for me is the Fly headed dude. I’ve seen him done orange, red and pale grey eyes so I went for blue and I think it looks cool.

I hope you share your thoughts and most of all any advice is always appreciated.



21 thoughts on “Experimenting with Nurgle part 1.”

  1. Cheers for the shout out mate. Those are looking good – my only criticisms would be to agree with Ruins that you should thin the washes a little and do a little highlighting of the puckered flesh around the wounds. Otherwise though those are really nice (nasty?) – that Nurgle legion is going to look amazing. 🙂

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    1. Thanks mate and my pleasure. When I look at them I feel they’re still a bit two dimensional and i think you’re right, high lighting should do the trick. Never really done that before though but now is the best time to try. Thanks again.

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    1. I’d never really looked at them before because they don’t have guns haha but then I thought hang on PLAGUE MARINES and plague guard etc. Then I got to looking at the demons and thought hell yeah this could be really fun and cool. However, I have set myself some goals so this project will come together more cohesively later down the track. I will put up my tests etc though. Thanks for the comments mate.

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  2. I actually prefer the purple look to the standard green – I did something similar with my Plague Marines. The ghoul set is a good one to mix with plague bearers if you want some more hunched poses. Also the blight kings make interesting Heralds for Nurgle.

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    1. Thanks Carlo. They were based with green which, up close, you can see. I think next time I’ll try and show a bit more green. Love the purple though. I imagine their whole bodies soft squishy and bruised hehe


    1. Afte Wudugast suggesting I don’t do the stereotypical green the bruised idea came to me straight away. Thanks for the much appreciated feedback mate. I look forward to seeing your Nurgles. Your painting skills are incredible so I can just imagine how cool they’ll look. I’m loving your LOTR items.

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