The Prosecutors

It’s really annoying that Stormcast Eternals already have Prosecutors because I love the name for my own Judicators Project which is not the Judicators from AOS.

Confused? Haha.

As a lot of you know my Judicators Project, seen here…

is one project I’m quite excited about.

It is also one that has taken on a life of its own. I can’t help but keep adding characters to it hehe. It’s lots of fun.

So far to date I’ve made:

The Judge

The Jury

The Executioners

The Baliffs

The Coronatore (Coronar)

The Caretaker or Undertake

The Priest and the Deacon

The Grave digger

Also working on The Trackers

What I’ve got for you here though are The Prosecutors


I wanted them to look cold and menacing.


12 thoughts on “The Prosecutors”

  1. Not been a fan of the new sigmar stuff, just doesn’t float my boat but I really like what you have done with them. The dark menacing look you have given these figs throws a whole new light on them.
    The bearded head works really well also, makes him stand out just enough.

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    1. Thanks man. I too wasn’t a fan of all that Gold haha but I loved the masks. The emotionless blank faces inspired me to do something with them. I wanted one to look a bit more like a leader. So the bearded head was just enough. Oh and I did at a little gold to his shoulder plate to make him stand out. Thanks for your comment mate I appreciate it.


  2. These guys certainly look bleak – I thought they needed more colour at first glance, but I like them more the longer I look at them. I particularly like the axe guy’s pose! They don’t all scream 40k, but they are sinister as hell 🙂

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  3. The new models are good for hacking up and like all GW stuff they work well in both 40k and Fantasy. These are a good example of simple conversions executed well to give the models a new image. I like Chainsaw guy!

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