Adeptus Mechanicus Warband – painting and project complete.

A month ago to the day I cut, carved and glued a whole bunch of bits together to create a quirky little Mechanicus Warband.

See the link below…

Yesterday I put the final touches onto the paintwork.

This project kind of crept up on me out of nowhere really. I enjoyed it immensely because it was challenging. The reason it was challenging is because I wanted it to be quite different and I experimented with bits I wouldn’t usually use. Such as actual clockwork cogs. I also liked the idea of fusing living flesh with mechanics/robotics. Not an original idea of course but One I hadn’t really experimented with before. B.O.B (Broken Obedient Bot) From The Scrappers project…

Was my first real attempt at making a cybernetic being and I was happy with him but wanted to play around with the whole concept some more.

Ok, onto the pictures and the Fluff.

An unwanted Adeptus Mechanicus group of misfits that are all a little twitchy and/or malfunctioning but still 100% loyal to the Emperor and their Master. As they were deemed a high risk to themselves but more so to their fellow man they had been retired and literally thrown on the scrap heap.

If it hadn’t been for Gunther Lamarr, the famous or infamous inventor/doctor/engineer the little Warband would have been left to rot and decay on the scrap heap. He found each individual and repaired and tweaked them to keep them working and fighting. He programmed their dim and grim minds to follow all of his orders and to be 100% loyal and devoted to him and him alone.

As Lamarr was always looking to make money he also programmed them to be bounty hunters and swindlers too. Now he rules over them and they are his own private mercenary army. He calls them his Children.

1. Günther Lamarr:

A veteran of many wars. It is rumoured that he was once a Chaplain for none other than the Black Templar Chapter. After being almost killed, while protecting a land raider single handedly against a squad of Chaos Plague Marines, Lamarr found himself wasting away in a dark medic cell aboard some old rickety no good ship. He felt deserted by his brothers and did not have the strength or the will power to rise again to be a loyal battle brother. Instead he strengthened his mind and read scripture after scripture after scripture. He found he had an almost unnatural ability to retain vast amounts of knowledge just from reading the many reams and documents. After nearly three years of being confined to the ship Lamarr asked to be released. He was ready to face the universe again. Armed with so much knowledge he had become quite arrogant but also determined. He would not be forgotten aboard some old dilapidated ship. No. He was going to be someone. He was going to be remembered for what he did in this life. Hellbent on recognition, Lamarr set about building a small band of followers, a posse, to help him on his insane quest for respect and notoriety. He scoured waste yards looking for parts and also picked up old carcasses from fresh battlefields. He became obsessed with fusing organic flesh to mechanical parts. Lamarr knew that a great leader had to be strong of mind and body. He stole muscle enhancing potions from Medics and Mystics. He also started a strict training regime to get his broken body back into good fighting shape. Dosing himself up on heavy dosages of painkiller concoctions, he removed broken, or weak, parts of his own withered body and replaced them with iron cogs, wiring and solid metal plates. He dreamed and aspired to be the ultimate warrior.

“He’s more machine now than man”  



I love his weapon, it’s so mean looking!




Sorry, the pic below is a little blurred. I was trying to get a close up so you could have a better look at the cog-work and inner workings of his neck and upper torso.


The Children:

2. Optika Karta.

With vague grandiose ideas of being a mystic this poor damaged soul is somewhat lost. Somewhere in his twisted semi cybernetic mind there are memories of being idolized and almost worshiped but the thoughts are fuzzy at best. He remembers being someone, a somebody of influence and afluence but his newly programmed mind is slowly but inevitably pushing out the old dreams to make way for the stark cold orders from Lamarr. His primary function is to help maintain the Warbands mechanical parts and inner workings. He is also Lamarr’s confidant. He carries his “know all book” everywhere he goes. It is said that the book holds all the secrets of the machine Gods. Optika guards the book with his life. he also, no doubt has a lot of trouble turning the pages with the wicked looking blade he has in place of a right hand.


His leather mask holds in place the remnants of a once powerful brain mixed with copper wiring, cogs and microchips.


3. Izic.

Izic is a slave bot. He is cowardly and clumsy. His only real skill is serving his Master Lamarr. He has a quirky, jester-like, personality that is often mistaken as incompetency but in fact he is very clever and manipulative. Izic was the first creature Lamarr made. He found the limp and lifeless body of some sort of humanoid cretin laying headless across a mass of tangled barbed wire. He squashed the carcass into his sack and lumbered off to his Lab. Excitedly, he tried many variations of heads for his new pet and finally settled on a rusted old viewer-cam. He crudely attached it to the body, not caring for aesthetics. He then wired in ancient energy emitters and the “thing” came to life before him.


4. Fulciet.

A Scavenger, data collector, translator, Vox-caster, medic and standard bearer. He keeps to himself and is very reliable and trustworthy. He is the dimmest of the Warband but probably the most loyal.


5. VenKrill.

VenKrill is the warrior of the group. Programmed to do one thing. Seek and destroy. He does not speak and only listens to Lamaar. He was the last of the “children” to be built but Lamarr is so pleased with his handiwork he has grand ideas of creating an entire army of VenKrill Type Warriors. Lamarr just needs to tweak a few things. 1. VenKrill is almost blind during daylight hours but has perfect night vision. 2. Flesh will not cling to the Necron Bone structure. It constantly falls away, hence why you can see smears of blood all over his arms and hands. 3. He can only survive by breathing a putrid gas concoction.



An interesting little Warband I think. I’d love to hear what you think?

12 thoughts on “Adeptus Mechanicus Warband – painting and project complete.”

      1. Yeah, okay, I knew the head seemed familiar for some reason, but now that you bring up the Lego pieces it makes sense. In the back of my mind, that’s exactly what his head looks like.

        I’m also loving your bases.

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  1. That really is a nice little group you have there, though I really fear as to what is going on in that fevered mind of yours as these are some creepy miniatures your putting out!

    Cheers Roger.

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