The Judge – Judicators Project –

As, I think, most of you are aware I have been chipping away at a project called “The Judicators”. See here.

It really has had my imagination running wild with ideas and taken on a life of its own. Originally it was just going to be a Judge, a Jury and an executioner but now it is so much more. Recently I painted up The Prosecutors and today I have painted The Judge. I was a bit nervous about this one mostly due to his Judges Wig. You see I was very uncertain on how to make the wig. I researched a few ideas and considered buying a Vampire Countess just for her head. Well her hair really. Then I thought I’d take the plunge and see what my brain and me could come up with.

I ended up using tiny off-cuts of electrical wire from an old DVD player for the wigs rolls on the left and right of the Judges face. For the bulk of the wig I used flock. The same stuff we use for basing.

For painting I went with white and dry brushed a little grey.

I like the result and I like the model. I hope you lot do too.

I’m particularly fond of the Judges scar above his left eye.

I am a little disappointed with his mangled looking right hand holding the sceptre.

Oh yes, I also gave him a gavel. It’s dangling from his belt on his front.



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