The Grave Robber

As, I hope, a good portion of you are aware I have been slowly building up on a project called The Judicators.

See here…


So far I’ve made:

The Judge (Painted)

The Prosecutors (Painted)

The Priest and the Deacon

The Coronatore (Coronar)

The Grave Digger (Will be adding a second grave digger)

The Jury (All twelve)

The Executioners

The Undertaker (Caretaker)

The Baliffs

Tonight I made the Grave Robber. He does look a bit like Stinky Pete (The Prospector) from Toy Story 2 haha.

He’s a decrepit old hermit who lost his mind a long, long time ago. He digs up the bodies of the Damned and sells their limbs, bones and rotting guts to the highest bidder. Ironically he is often hired by the Judge to dig up a condemned soul who the Judge sent down in the first place. The body is sold with two thirds of the credits going to The Judge, the rest to the Grave Robber. It’s a macabre business but an often lucrative one. As it is illegal and generally just drowned upon the bits and bobs can only be sold on tha black market. However, often the best customers are of noble blood or are Adeptus Mechanics looking for that ever elusive “bit” to complete his model/masterpiece.

Im really happy with this model and can’t wait to get some paint on him. As soon as I saw the head on ebay I knew he was going to be an old grave robber. Then when I found the Dwarf lamps and Ogre sack full of body parts I I knew I was going to enjoy putting him together.

My next model for the Judicators Project is The Ferryman, which I’ve alreay made a start on.

Love to hear your thoughts.





8 thoughts on “The Grave Robber”

      1. The only ones painted so far are the Judge and the Prosecutors. I’ve made a start on the Priest, Deacon and Undertaker. I want them to all look individual but a part of the same group, if that makes sense?

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