iN tHe m0uTh 0f mAdnESs – Part I – The Four Horrors.

mouth 22

In the mouth of madness
down in the darkness
no more tomorrow
down in the hollow


The four Horrors

The Anger

A crazed blood hungry warrior who is pure rage. He will bathe in the blood of all innocents.

The Hate

A tall, shadowy figure cloaked in crimson. A soul so lost, cruel and evil that the mere sight of him can scare a man to death.

The Tortured

These undead soulless beings were tortured to death in life and now torture the innocent in their death.

The Abominations

A grotesque and monstrous band of ghoulish misfits who wreak havoc on all within their sights. No man, woman or child is safe and will feel their violent wrath in their waking life and in their darkest nightmares.

I had so much fun with this part of a two part project. Mostly because it was my first attempts at modelling with the blessed Greenstuff. As you can see I still have so much to learn and a lot more skill to develop but not bad for my first go. Like with anything, a little more practice will help. Plus I still need to get some proper modelling tools as opposed to using my scalpel and a bit of Sprue. I wanted to thank a lot of you for your wisdom and advice when it came to using Greenstuff. I definitely applied a lot of what you guys said.

This project came about after making my first greenstuff head. Seen here…

The head was quite hideous in more ways than one but it sparked an idea to make a whole ungodly, monstrous Warband.

Part II of iN tHe m0uTh 0f mAdnESs, will be…

The Monster Hunters.

17 thoughts on “iN tHe m0uTh 0f mAdnESs – Part I – The Four Horrors.”

  1. Holy shit dude – these look insane, and they literally broke my interweb connection! They look amazing on my phone, but I’m going to have to take a much longer & closer look tomorrow on my big screen… can’t wait!


    1. There’s a group shot of the Abominations. I’ll do one of all the Four Horrors in part II. Thanks for the comments mate and yes, I had soooooo much fun. I really enjoy not following the Norm.


      1. I think for your first go-around with greenstuff, they’re perfectly fine – especially since they’re supposed to be horribly disfigured monsters. You used the fact that you’re not experienced with GS to your advantage, and picked the right subject matter that doesn’t have a ton of intricate details. But yeah, I like them all, absolutely.

        I think you’re right in that you should get some good tools to work with – it sounds like you had fun, but once you see what good tools can do, you’ll enjoy yourself more.

        Keep practicing, take your time, and sculpt little bits at a time.

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  2. “Haha Busted! I definitely went the easier path by making Monsters with no real rules haha. Thanks Odie.”

    Ah, trust me – I do the same. I’ve never been great at sculpting hard-edged structures like armor or gun parts, so I tend to stick with organic shapes. And faces? Forget it – I’m horrible at sculpting faces. Know what you can do, and do it well, while at the same time challenge yourself to learn the things that needs work. Right now, I’m trying to relearn how to do fur and cloth because I’ve gotten a bit sloppy in how I sculpt it.

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      1. Fur is actually pretty easy once you master the technique, Slap the greenstuff where you want it, smooth it out to the general shape the finished fur (or hair, it’s the same) will cover, and then tap in the texture with the edge of a small blade of knife, thicker fur can be done by picking at the greenstuff with the point of a pin or cocktail stick. all it takes is practice and patience.

        Keep it up. Cheers Roger.

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