iN tHe M0utH oF mAdnESs – part II – The Monster Hunters

Here is the second and final part of my mini project.

The first part can be seen here



The Monster Hunters.


Captain Fabian Windsor:

A retired veteran Captain of the notable Solaris regiment and a retired, well respected, Inquisitor. He now earns a crust by hunting the un-huntable. Monsters, twisted mutant madmen and nightmarish mythological ghouls. Many say Windsor is a madman and has had too many knocks to the head. However, he has to be a little out of the box to willingly throw himself in pursuit of such horrific incarnations. Someone has to do it.

I wanted to try a different colour palette for a change as I noticed, looking over other projects, I often use similar colours. The blue looks quite striking giving Captain Windsor both a Royal and old school military look and feel.





Note the eyes, I’m slowly getting better I think. Also note the fine details on the rifle stock etc.


The Soulless Sentry:

This emotionless soldier is Captain Windsors only help. He is not undead but his soul has been genetically removed. He is the keeper of The Mouth of Madness. A sacred shield that has an unearthly power and is the only thing that offers some semblance of protection against the four horrors.

Before anyone says it, yes he does look a little Ghost Buster-ish. No it was not intentional but actually I am quite pleased with it. It suits the project. The eyes on this model did go a little Bug Eyed but he is soulless so who knows what WE’D look like without a soul. Maybe bug eyed too.

I imagine him to be some nobody security guard in his former life. Long shifts with no action guarding some mildly important silo.


The Monster Hunters



I haven’t quite finished the bases.




8 thoughts on “iN tHe M0utH oF mAdnESs – part II – The Monster Hunters”

  1. Very nice mate – the painting is coming on very nicely – eyes are such a pain to do! If I may make a suggestion, you can fix up the bug eyed look by carefully lining above and below the eyeball with flesh tone. A darker tone than you used on the rest of the face works well here – you can even mix a little blue wash in to give a tired look! Keep on experimenting dude, you are coming on leaps and bounds 🙂

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