The Mighty 77th.

I’ve always liked the Guard, or for you Y gen folk “Astra Militarum.
To me they are just soldiers, like the ones I played with on the rug as a kid.
I like that, in the 40k world, they are the under dogs. They are but men fighting against insurmountable odds.
I’ve been slowly building this army, and I still haven’t finished, for about 15 years or so. I’ve set myself a deadline now.
For you here today I’ve just got the army list. This army is bound to grow over time but for now this is the list I am most happy with. As you can see it is laden with infantry, grunts, who really are the epitome of any good fighting force. Yes there are tanks, Valkyries and big guns but these are all rendered useless without a steadfast soldier behind them.
The Mighty 77th. (In honour of the 7th Cadian “The Lucky Sevens”).
The 77th are an old and well respected regiment of the Imperium. Many troops aspire to be a part of the 77th from boot camp. Less than 1% ever get the chance. They are tough, old school, by the book, no nonsense soldiers. They are steadfast and loyal and follow every command to the letter. They have no real use for a Commissar because their morale is always in check and excessively high! However, Commissar Garrett is an honorary member of the 77th and often accompanies them on some of the fiercest battles and campaigns. The Mighty 77th do not retreat. They do not surrender. They do not take prisoners. They never shy away from a straight up fight or a suicidal mission. They shine the brightest when the odds are stacked high against them.
They fight hard and they die hard. They are the Mighty 77th.
Command squad
Commissar Garrett
Colonel Jeremiah
Captain Hart
Sgt Ashton (standard bearer)
Sgt Curtis (comms)

Lt. Walsh: Blue squad (10 man squad)
Lt. Drummond: Red squad (10 man squad)
Lt. Cassius: Yellow squad (10 man squad)
Lt. Marbrey: Green squad (10 man squad)
Lt. Canuck: White squad (10 man squad)
Catachan Conscripts:
Colonel Kellar III. The Green Devils (24 men)
Captain Ardax: Alpha Veteran squad. (10 men)
Captain Abraham: Bravo Veteran squad. (10 men)
Lieutenant Zimmerman: Charlie Veteran squad. (10 men)
Major Black: Special forces platoon: The Ghosts. (16 men, or 4, 4 man units).
Sergeant. T Fox: Sniper.
Armoured division
X 1 Leman Russ “Emperors Fury 11”
X 1 Leman Russ “Devil Dog MKII”

X 1 Leman Russ “Graver Digger”
X 1 Leman Russ “The Harvester”
X 1 heavy Bolter.
X 1 lascanon.
X 1 mortar.
So far I have painted Blue, Red, Yellow and Green squads and 20 Veterans.
Photos when the army is complete.

18 thoughts on “The Mighty 77th.”

    1. Thanks but whys that? The monotony of painting uniform after uniform? Haha. If so I’ve developed a bit of a system. I managed to paint four squads in three hours. Although the faces have no details they look impressive on mass.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. 3 hours?!? Damn, was taking me a month per squad when I did my Praetorians! Mind you, I was painting each one to my best (at the time) level 😉

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Yeah nah. No eyes on these guys. No tricky insignia. Just a nice simple camo colour scheme. The conscripts are even simpler but the special forces will be a bit more special. I’ll take my time with those chaps. Camo face paint etc.

        Liked by 1 person

  1. Loving the names you have going on in there, especially “The Harvester”, very cool. Sounds like a beast of an army, can’t wait to see them en masse

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I like the names, they really add character to the units and vehicles! I’ll have to get into the swing of doing the same. Cheers man


  2. Good luck with the new army! It really is a good feeling to finally sit down and start work on a project you’ve dreamed about for a long time. And you can’t leave us waiting for photos until the very end! We want some photos now!

    Regarding your conversation with Alex regarding painting such a large force (above) a tip I was given way back when and (somewhat) applied to my Orks was to paint everything to a basic tabletop ‘good enough’ standard, then go back over them at your leisure, improving them unit by unit. I’ve known people even do this based on said unit’s success in battle – either ‘these guys did well, they deserve a better paintjob’ or ‘these guys were awful, perhaps painting them better will improve their moral’.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. That’s the kind of unsanctioned converting that leads one away from glory of our Emperor (beloved by all) and into the treacherous arms of Chaos. Commissar Garrett was already concerned that you didn’t think he was really needed – I’d recommend reporting to him at once!

        Liked by 1 person

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