Lieutenant Cassius

The other day I posted a short story about Private Cassius.

See here…

I guess you could call it a Prequel.

You might recall that he suffered some severe burns to the face.

Well now here he is, some time later, as Lieutenant Cassius commander of Yellow Squad of the Mighty 77th Cadian Regiment.

Note the burn/scarring to his face and the yellow shoulder pad.




18 thoughts on “Lieutenant Cassius”

    1. Thanks man. Pretty simply actually. I painted is face as per normal then used the point of a blade to scratc “scar” the layer of paint. Then I dabbed a bit more flesh colour over the top followed by some blood wash. It turned out better than expected. The whole Cassius story has inspired me to write other short stories about other individuals in the 77th.

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    1. Hahaha. Yeah, I think he has some skills, basically how to fight for his life. I’ll be using him in battle tonight with some pals so let’s see how he goes. Thanks for the comment and for reading the back story mate.


  1. Nice paint job bud, the scars and his face are ace. I read your short story for him a while back but I never got around to commenting. Really enjoyed it and I’m glad you mentioned you’ll be doing more. Nice twist at the end as well!

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      1. A while back I read Stephen King’s ‘On Writing’, he reiterated what others have said; to write first for yourself and if others enjoy it, that’s a bonus. Plus, with every piece you write and every book you read you’ll get better and better. So don’t make me send the hired goons round, cause I’m enjoying your stories bud. Anyway, enough gushing! I need to go have a beer or build a shelf (maybe the shelf, as it’s 7.37am).


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