Big Bad John

From as young as I can remember up until I saw the movie Commando (my first Arnold Swartzeneggar movie) my movie Hero was John Wayne. I loved him as a soldier and as a cowboy. He was big he was tough and he was bullet proof. One of my all time favourite JW movies is The Green Berets. Kind of dated compared to the movies these days and it’s full of “goofs” but still a great watch.

Every time I see JW on screen I hear this song in my head…


It’s not about John but it’s a fantastic song about another big fella called John.

Lieutenant John “The Duke” Zimmerman is heavily inspired by John Wayne from the Green Berets and the song above is now his theme song.

He is the commander  of the Mighty 77th Veteran Squad Charlie.

He is as quick witted as he is sharp minded when it comes to strategy. He is a lovable rogue but don’t let that fool you. When it comes to battle he is brutal, determined and blood hungry. He was offered the rank of Major but refused due to his pure love of being on the ground in the thick of battle. He is well known among the regiments and even many of his enemies fear his name.








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