The Mighty 77th second lot of pix

Here are the Veteran squads.

Alpha Squad lead by Captain Ardax


Bravo squad lead by Captain Abraham (The Captain is based on Abraham from the walking dead, one of my all time favourite shows. However, Abraham is one character I don’t like because of his perfect flat top and bushy moustache)


Charlie squad lead by LT Zimmerman





10 thoughts on “The Mighty 77th second lot of pix”

  1. Nice work there mate – goes to show what a visual impact a large group of models can have when painted to a good standard; without needing to aim for making every model a Golden Demon winner. A few small conversions really go a long way to adding character to a force like this as well – Abraham’s head for instance. As an aside it’s interesting to note that that head looks a lot better on a guardsman than it ever has on a space wolf.

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