The Vengeful Few part 1

“We few, we vengeful few, we forgotten band of brothers…”

This Warband only consists of sixteen fearsome warriors. However, they fight and die as hard as a the mightiest of armies.

They were once proud and well respected and honoured Space Marines but after their treacherous Chapter Master betrayed them and left them for dead they went rogue. So they’re not quite space marines anymore but they haven’t fallen quite fallen all the way into heresy either. They’re somewhere between the dark and the light.

Here is the command unit:

Commander Kollian Stonemantle The Damned.


Second in command and half brother of Commander Stonematle is Chaplain Gorious Hellwolf The Unchosen.


Captain Tyrus Grimmane The Fallen. Note the facial tattoo. Not amazing work but it’s passable I think.



4 thoughts on “The Vengeful Few part 1”

    1. That’s exactly what I wanted. Thanks for noticing. I wanted them to look fallen but not Chaotic. They are still servants to the Emperor they just really want to crush the skulls of the bastards that tried to get rid of them. Along the way they wage war with all kinds of organic life forms.


  1. Rather nice (not the right word for them I’m sure!), I like the tattoo, I did something similar with a “Mad Max” type punk years ago across his face and upper body (he was shirtless you see) and I know what a bu**er it can be to do so top work sir!.

    Cheers Roger.

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