The Vengeful Few Part 2

“We few, we vengeful few, we forgotten band of brothers.”

I’m really enjoying painting these warriors. Each one is meant to be quite different with a different history and story. I’ve also been trying a few new techniques, eg. Layering and some very basic high lighting.

I’m particularly happy with this fellow. In fact he’s my favourite so far. I really like his eyes because they turned out so much better than I expected. In my humble opinion anyway.

Warlock Hellion The Feared.



Warrior Chronus The Forsaken.


Warrior Artaxius The Soldier.


Warrior Reznak The Wicked.


16 thoughts on “The Vengeful Few Part 2”

  1. They have a great warband feel to them, all memorable and distinct characters. I like Reznak’s array of hand grenades, I can see him setting up nasty booby traps with those.

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  2. Hellion’s eyes are magnificent, but for me it’s the blood spatter on Chronus that impresses me most. My only bug with these models is the lack of backpacks. Space Marine torsos are so familiar that the lack of a backpack really pops out unless it’s covered over by something else. It’s not really obvious from the front but from the back it really stands out – which may be why overall Artaxius is my favourite model in the band. Overall though – great work, keep them coming!

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